anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor

I have four of these for my Fujitsu VRF system. Can these be controlled in HA?

I’ve worked out that the Fujitsu devices look physically similar to Intesis devices

I created a Intesis Cloud account but can see no way of bringing my devices into their portal. I have device codes in same format to add device but get a message “Code number does not belong to any device.”

The native iOS app I use is Fujitsu’s myanywAiR which seems to use similar terminology to Intesis.

Does anyone have any guidance on how I can get my 4 WiFi modules controllable in HA?

@Trial_Master were you able to integrate your AC properly using the IntesisHome - Home Assistant integration (which list Fujitsu as one of the supported brands)?

I’m looking at getting Fujitsu Lifestyle split systems with WiFi adapter too, so am also keen to know if this is now all working.

Yeah I was using it for quite a while, I noticed some Fujitsu cloud outages which caused a few issues with the A/C not turning on or off. I discovered a fork of the integration which provides local access to wifi adapter in the event of a cloud outage GitHub - jnimmo/hass-intesishome: Experimental fork of the IntesisHome integration for Home Assistant

More info here on this thread IntesisHome WiFi AC Control - #465 by Chilling_Silence

Thank you for the confirmation (and the pointer to the GitHub forks).

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