App is extremely slow

My wife and I both have iPhone 15 Pros. My phone’s companion app works fine. Her phone takes 15-20 seconds to register button clicks on dashboards.

We both have the same default dashboard set in our profile.

Tried clearing front end cache. Tried reset. Tried reinstall. Same result.

I just can’t figure this out. Any ideas?

Just checked app versions. She has 2024.3 (2024.608). I have 2024.2 (2024.561). Seems like the only difference to me.

I am experiencing the same issue after I updated HA iOS app to 2024.3 (iPhone12).
App is slow, touch inputs takes time to register, page loads and navigation takes time and scrolling is stuttering.

@Protoncek also has a slow companion app but on android.

Looks like a bug is somewhere - best would be an issue github and upload logs

Same here. New iphone 15 pro max, and app too slow.

Is the bug already reported (how to reproduce, logs…) In the github issues andre?