App keeps getting banned by too many login attempts

Hi guys,

I keep on getting banned by too many login attempts from the companion app. I then have to either disconnect from wifi if the ban happened when I was on wifi or connect to wifi if it was on the mobile network to be able to access ip-bans.yaml and undo the ban. For now I’ve disabled IP banning out of fear that I will be banned on both. However, I want to be able to re-enable it in the future as I think it’s an important security feature.

These are the logs from two different bans:

Things I’ve tried so far are:

  • Delete Home Assistant companion app and re-install
  • Delete all the access tokens as mentioned in this post
  • Under http: in the config.yaml added:
  use_x_forwarded_for: true

… but sadly all to no avail.

Anyone else had this issue and know of an sollution?

Thanks for any advice!

Hi, I have this problem as well, however it’s only on my wife’s phone, she never opens the app but it’s still useful for location automations. On the other hand I often open it an this doesn’t happen to me, I’m thinking it could be some phone settings which mess with the cache app.
This is only recent however, it had started a few months ago, then stopped and now it happens again