Appdaemon Dashboard suddenly not loading images on Android 4.x

Hey guys - I have been using AppDaemon dashboards for years on my Wink Relay. Suddenly a few days ago - now the images no longer load in the dashboard. Its like it wont process some JS anymore. Seemed to happen after I went to 4.1.0, but downgrading didnt solve the issue. That is the only change that I am aware of… Dashboard loads perfectly on my desktop browser.

anyone seen anything like this before? Broke simultaneously on 2 devices - which makes me think its a HASS or AppDaemon issue.

Hi there! Apparently, this is a known problem and caused by a mismatch of the software versions used by Appdaemon. See this thread: HaDashboard won't display on older ipad after updating AppDaemon addon to 0.7.0
I hope they will fix it in the next release.