Append password to URL? - HADashboard Appdaemon 3


I was wondering if it is possible to either append the HADashboard password into the URL
If there is a way to access the dashboards by their IP addresses when SSL is active.

I am using the DuckDns LetsEncrypt addon in
I am using a custom css for my dashboards.
I also use the Android WallPanel App made specifically for HADashboard. You have to enter the URL in the application and then “Launch” the browser.

Unfortunately, if I enter the DuckDns URL into WallPanel and then launch, I am often prompted to enter the password. Then, once I do that, I need to exit and launch again to activate the skin.

I also use a dashboard on my iPhone which is saved to my homescreen. Unfortunately, iPhones are incredibly frustrating and iOS WebKit loses all password credentials every time I launch the webapp. So that makes it impossible to have a password and a skin.

I don’t want to have it accessible to WAN without a password for obvious reasons.

By the way, if you do have an iPhone and a very complicated Home Assistant setup, I highly suggest making a custom dashboard for it. It launches WAY faster than the Home Assistant app does (if you have a lot of stuff going on in Hass), looks prettier, and is more customizable than iOS’s native Home app.

Thanks for any help!

Did you find a solution?

I would also like to know if it is possible

This is not currently possible but I am looking into adding it - it’s less easy than it might appear!

Anyway to make a long-term cookie available for auth this may solve the issue as well?

You should only need to sign in once, then the browser is authorized until you sign out.

My wife’s iPhone doesn’t behave that way, it sucks. Also Firefox seems to.loose the login after about an hour if not on the page and you go back to it.

Any word if/when this request will be implemented in AppDaemon? I would like this functionality as well. It’s really annoying on iPhones to have to enter a password and then click on the dash you want. Having it in the url would make things much simpler and would make my wife very happy as well :slight_smile:

do you really need the dashboard outside the house?
or can you do with the ha gui for the rare cases that you want to switch something in the house when you are away?

in that case, you can use AD only on local wifi and set the password protection off.

i know that Andrew is very busy for his work at the moment so things like this can take a while.

cant you use nginx with reverse proxy and url rewrite rule?


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Do I NEED it outside the house, probably not, but why not use it outside the house? With SSL and a password, it’s pretty secure. And there are times when I am at the house but lose WiFi (like out in my yard playing with my kids, WiFi is spotty) and I would like to be able to turn a light on or adjusting the temp on my ac or something like that and having to fiddle with WiFi first before just turning the light on is annoying. Making it available outside the house using duckdns and letsencrypt means that I don’t have to fiddle with WiFi to turn on the light.

Why not make using a password easier? Security is a big thing these days, so why not make it simpler for the end user to implement and use?

With that being said, there is no real rush. I am just more curious if this request/feature is even on the “roadmap” for Appdaemon. I really appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into developing an awesome platform like Appdaemom, so don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

As to using nginx, sure that’s an option, but that is just another piece of complicated software that I have to install, configure, and maintain. Why bother if I can just use a url to accomplish the same thing with way less overhead? But thanks for the suggestion!

the best answer i can give to that is:

the way you have set it up now you probably rely on an outside dns server and you also use that to connect AD to HA.
and if thats the case, your apps and dashboards will stop working when your internet goes down.

AD was written for in home use.
so yeah the password and ssl are already extra for users.
making that more easy is on the list but not a high priority.

What you are saying is absolutely correct when using AD with SSL, for most people. It does not apply to me or anyone running an internal dns forwarder (pi-hole). If my internet goes down, my AD will be working just fine. Because I run an internal dns server that forwards all my queries over DoH (DNS over HTTPS), I configured my domain name to resolve to an internal address when connected to my network and it never touches the internet. This is also why I said running yet another piece of complicated software was not on my to do list. Things just start to get complicated real quick when everything doesn’t work right, and I don’t really want to make time for that lol. i would rather spend time with my family :grin:

But that’s not the point. I am just thankful that Appdaemon exists and I will keep an eye on the release notes waiting for this feature to be implemented. I totally get that it’s not high on the priority list. No big deal, I am happy it’s even on the list!

Thanks for responding and thanks for all the hard work that has gone into AD!

Andrew said its on the list and then i know it gonna be there at some point. :wink:
and allthough i spend almost daily time with AD, and i do influence a bit and write some small stuff and debug now and then, there is no way that my spend time can be compared to the amount of work @aimc put into it.

so i gladly take your thanks, also in his behalve.

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