Apple TV component does not work on TVos 13

Hi @postlund, I’ve been using your beta integration for a while and it works great!

I have however come across a problem using the power button or the media turn_on service calls. Turn off works fine, but It does not wake up the atv if it is in its standby/sleep mode.

Is this unique to me or a known issue?

Hmm, that sounds strange but the power management is a bit weird. Will have to look in to it, but I might have an idea.

in my case both turn on and tur off doesn’t work only media controls works fine

Same for me. Nothing happens when I use turn on or off. Play/Pause Previous/next is working great!

And one more problem I got. No cover is showing anymore when using mini-media-player. It used to work when I was streaming Spotify to my Apple TV but it stopps for one/2 weeks ago.

Power management (turn on/off) is not supported so that is expected. Experimental support will come later.

There are a few bugs that has snuck in lately, might be related to that. I will make an updated release right away that you can evaluate.

Just updated to the latest version but the Apple TV is now “unavailable” )-:

If you open the entity, what is the “title” property saying? Also, anything in the log?

The entity ID is media_player.a_tv_2
I did not remove the integration and add it again as mentioned in the change logs. Should I first proceed to that and see if fixes the problem?

Yeah, that is necessary. Make sure all entities are removed before adding it again.

I removed all entities, restarted HA and added the AppleTV integration. I still do not get neither the artwork nor the tittle when streaming Spotify from my iPhone to the AppleTV. (Before that was working perfectly with the beta). I only get the artwork and tittle when I stream Netflix directly from my Apple TV for example. Any ideas?

Does it work in the remote app?

Could you specify which remote app you are referring to?

The one in iOS.

I get one artwork when I look here:

But nothing here:

Don’t really understand where I should look for. Sorry.

The first image is enough, it shows the artwork. There’s an app called “Apple TV Remote” in App Store (usually just referred to as Remote app).

It would help me if you could enable some logs for me:

    pyatv: debug
    custom_components.apple_tv: debug

I will try tomorrow. Should I write this to my configuration?

When I stream a Netflix movie I get a great artwork:

Ok, then, hmm… Then artwork works I guess. I have used AirPlay and gotten artwork before, so it should work. But logs would reveal more. You add that to your config, yes.

When I try to stream my music on the Apple TV from Spotify, I get the following log:

Error doing job: Task exception was never retrieved
9:43:27 PM – components/frontend/ (ERROR)
The websocket command media_player_thumbnail is deprecated. Use /api/media_player_proxy instead.
9:43:25 PM – Media player (WARNING) - message first occurred at 9:43:24 PM and shows up 2 times

Just added the integration through HACS and attempted to add the AppleTV through integrations menu.

It detects the AppleTVs as expected but when I select the IP or name of any of the devices, I get an authentication error immediately after the “confirm adding screen”. No PIN is prompted on the AppleTV as expected.

Error is as follows :

Authentication error. You might have entered an invalid PIN code or not have permission to pair via this protocol. Please check access settings on your Apple TV.

Debug on pyatv :

DEBUG (MainThread) [pyatv] Discovering devices for 3 seconds
DEBUG (MainThread) [pyatv] Auto-discovered TV2 at x.x.x.x:7000 (Protocol.AirPlay)
DEBUG (MainThread) [pyatv] Auto-discovered TV2 at x.x.x.x:57130 (Protocol.MRP)
DEBUG (MainThread) [pyatv] Auto-discovered TV1 at x.x.x.x:49152 (Protocol.MRP)
DEBUG (MainThread) [pyatv] Auto-discovered TV1 at x.x.x.x:7000 (Protocol.AirPlay)

No further log is generated with the auth error.

Anybody tell me what I’ve done wrong? Thanks!