Apple TV Integration - tvOS 15 Beta

Anyone else upgrade their Apple TV to tvOS 15 beta yet?

The Apple TV Integration isn’t pairing for me.
That’s the risk of installing betas.

Just a heads up for anyone thinking about upgrading

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I have noticed the same. Also breaks an existing integration. Both Apple TVs I put TVOS 15 beta on don’t update anymore. My other 2 on TVOS 14 still do. Yes, part of the price one pays for testing beta software.

Thanks. I did a search before I posted but didn’t see that one

Since tvOS 15 is about to be released, any idea when this will be fixed in HA? It seems to be something that the HA team needs to fix, right?

I’m working on the final touches of the pyatv 0.9.0 release, which is needed to fix the integration. I will release that within the next few days and update the integration after that.


I just noticed after the upgrade of my apple TV that the integration was broken, so I found this topic. May be a good idea to mention this in the Breaking changes ?

confirmed. the ATV media and remote integration is broken with iOS 15. Homekit appears fine though.

Yes, things have taken longer than anticipated as some unexpected issues came along. Looking quite good now so I will try to fix Home Assistant very soon (next few days).


No more MRP in tvOS 15. same issues with crestron & c4

I more or less finished the update yesterday, from an integration perspective at least. Tests must be fixed. Found a few issues/improvements I need to fix in pyatv. Very minor, but needed. Won’t make any promises, but I might be able to push an update to the beta repository tonight or tomorrow for people to try.


Thank you so much for your fast work! My Apple TV related automations are broken right now thanks to tvos 15. Looking forward to see them working again hopefully. All your work is much appreciated, man!

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Big thanks. very good job. wait and see… :crossed_fingers:

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I have pushed the first version of the integration to:

Available via HACS soon. Be sure to read the instructions before upgrading!


I’m a little confused. I tried adding a new AppleTV integration from Home Assistant (running latest HassOS Beta version) and I’m still seeing the mrp issue. The integration finds all of my AppleTVs and HomePods, but haven’t been able to complete the pairing process on any of them. They are all running latest OS versions.

Also, the documentation you posted says that HomePods are supported but when I try to add a HomePod instead of the AppleTV it asks for a PIN. Where do we find the PIN since there is no display for the HomePods? I didn’t have a PIN pop up on any of my iOS devices or AppleTV. Unless this is supposed to come from credentials from atvremote_scan or some other utility I’m unaware of.

The MRP service showing up is likely a bug in tvOS. It’s not supposed to be there, it doesn’t work. I’m trying to come up with a solution to it and I have an idea.

You shouldn’t have to input any PIN when pairing with a HomePod. As you say, there’s no way to show a pin. This is most likely a bug in my code for detecting if pairing is needed or not. Which protocol is it (that needs a pin)? If you can install pyatv, run atvremote --debug scan and give me the output, that would be useful. Preferably over DM.

These kinds of things are what I want to find with the beta version, so that’s great :grinning:

No problem, I’ll install it on my Mac and see what it spits out and send it to you here shortly.

Thank you for the quick response!

It pairs and works for me! Wish it could some how report if something is idle or playing. :slight_smile:

Check the log, it probably fails to connect. Likely the same problem others are facing. I’m working on a solution for it though.

An update with some fixes will be pushed tonight, assuming I get pyatv out the door.