Aqara Camera Hub G3 - Hand Gesture Recognition in Home Assistant?

I recently bought an Aqara Camera Hub G3 and have connected it to my Home Assistant setup. The Aqara Camera can do hand gesture recognition and I would love to use that to trigger automations in Home Assistant. However, I can’t find a way to detect the gesture recognitions in Home Assistant. So hoping that someone can help.

Overview of my setup and status:

  • Running Home Assistant Container (Docker) on an Ubuntu Linux server
  • Direct connection to the Aqara Camera Hub G3 via LAN (i.e. not through Aqara cloud) - The G3 is visible in Home Assistant as a HomeKit device. No issues with connecting the device
  • I can see video feed and read the motion sensor from the G3 through my Home Assistant - but I can’t read gesture recognition
  • I can verify that the G3 can recognize hand gestures in the Aqara app (iPhone) - I can also create simple automations in the Aqara app based on the gesture recognition. But I haven’t found a way to expose these to Home Assistant

It may be that this is simply not possible? I found an old response to a reddit post claiming that this is the case: Reddit thread

Thread was archived, so I couldn’t ask about details. Decided to give it another try here.



PS: I have also posted this question on reddit (Home Assistant and Aqara subreddits) - I will of course cross-reference in case I get a solution elsewhere.

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I’ve just used the Homekit integration for the first time with the same G3 device, have you been able to access the remote control functionality of the device in Home Assistant?

@rahukpuk did Homekit expose any gesture control entities for you? It just gets me the video feed.

No just the camera feed and motion detection sensor

Hey Peter, could you please share or point at the workaround you’ve used to connect Aqara G3 to Home Assistant. Thanks in advance!

I wonder did you get the video feed to work in homekit via homekit bridge in HA? That never works for me, the video feed only work inside HA website,

How do you even get G3 to connect as a Homekit device? On latest firmware? It simply does not show up for me when trying to connect it, even when I use the specific IP and MAC address. Is an apple hub needed for this?

You need to connect with an Apple Device then remove the HomeKit Device from your Apple Device. This is so that it can connect to your network. Then an IP should be assigned to your HomeKit Device so that you can now add it to Home Assistant.

Hi - I managed to connect the G3, but there are no controls within HA. Any idea why that is?



apologies if this has already been suggested and dismissed…

could you chain two trigger/automations together? one in Aqara Hun and another in HA.

G3 Gesture —> Aqara hub —> toggle Aqara button state —> state change in HA —> HA Automation

ps: i am not an art person :ok_hand:t3: