Aqara Cube

I have updated to Beta 0.70.b. In this Beta there is support for the new aqara Cube from Xiaomi. When I do this I effectively see the cube back in my list of components but I have the idea if I do something with my cube there is no processing of the data. are there more people with this problem?

How does the new one differ from the old one?

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The new model looks the same from the outside but carries as a model name: sensor_cube.aqgl01. Also in domoticz I do not get them working while the original model works. On the site below you can find more information about this model. link best open in google translate (chinese)

@1981nick1981 I’m planning on buying a cube to integrate, can you tell me what you updated?
I’d like to find out if the aqara cube works as well or only the xiaomi cube?

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I am having the same issue; the device is discovered correctly after the update to 0.70b, but I am not seeing anything in the logs (except for the occasional battery level update) or able to trigger automations when I physically move the cube (i.e. flip, shake etc.). The Mi Home App registers the action, so I know the cube is functional.

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The problem is with the new aqara cube. The Xiaomi cube should work but can not test this.

Exactly, in domoticz i have the same problem as with home assistant. I suspect that it deviates more than just the model type.

Below I have placed the link with the English translation of the link I posted earlier. I think that the possible explanation is here.

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@1981nick1981 Thanks mate, was very close to pulling the trigger on the Aqara cube.

Just to confirm, the original Xiaomi cube that works is this one right?

Thats normaly the one that should works.

I also accidentally purchased the Aqara version of the cube - don’t even see it in my list of devices. Will it be supported in the future or do I have an expensive paperweight and need to order the original cube to use?

If you install the Beta then the device is visible, but home assistant does not receive any information. Think that this will be resolved in the future but when. I have no idea

See for further discussion on why the new model cube (sensor_cube.aqgl01) isn’t currently working with Homeassistant (and other platforms e.g. domoticz)

@1981nick1981 So I went ahead and bought the Xiaomi cube with model number MFKZQ01LM (says it inside the cube)
It’s showing up under sensors in HA but not action is being reported to HA.
Meanwhile the door and motion sensors under the same gateway are working fine

What am I missing?

Have you got a cube with the aqara logo or with xiaomi logo? The type number on the box is the same. The cube with the aqara logo does not work.

MI cube:

Aqara cube:

@1981nick1981 Damn, unfortunately I have the aqara logo on it.
Is this an issue that hassio devs can fix or should I start hunting around for a MI cube (if any exist anymore)

I think the problem lies with the gateway and can only be solved by xiaomi.

Well I went ahead tracked down a MI cube for almost double the price on the aqara :frowning:
It’s like the seller knows

Some details about the new cube and the required firmware update:

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Great news all, I’ve just updated my gateway firmware to 1.4.1_157.0143 and I’m now seeing the Xiaomi Aqara Cube state changes in hassio!


Yay. Working for me Thanks

No update for my gateway yet. :pensive: