Aqara H1 & ZHA


I have a NUC running HA in Docker with a SkyConnect Zigbee dongle.

I bought an Aqara H1 switch.

In Settings > Devices, I clicked Add Device; the search went ahead and found my H1 switch.

The problem is similar to Aqara h1 button press not triggering automation, but I am not at the moment trying to use MQTT.

I get Left Pressed and Right Pressed events but I don’t get any of the double-click, long-press or battery state information events. Is it possible to fix this?

This doesn’t appear to be a problem any more - please ignore.

hi, have a similar setup like you, n100 mini pc + skyconenct and using ZHA.
I was looking into buying the aqara h1 without No Neutral: Aqara H1 EU Wall Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker) WS-EUK02 Zigbee compatibility

I am intrested in following topic maybe you can give me feedback, are you able to use the decoupler mode with ZHA?

thanks in advanced!

This problem has returned.

Did you ever find a solution to this issue?