Aqara Hub, motion sensors and illuminance

I’ve got a bunch of THESE Aqara motion sensors. They detect motion and ambient light as well as battery level.

I originally paired them directly with HA Zigbee. They were unstable (kept becoming unavailable) so I added an Aqara M1S Gen 2 Hub (I read the most recent hub didn’t play very nice with HA.

The hub and devices integrate via HomeKit and have stable for the past six months.

In HA, I can see the motion and battery indicators but not the Illuminance as I did with the direct Zigbee integration. I can see it in the Aqara app but not in the integration.

Is there a way to bring in into HA to be used in automations?

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I’ve found “sometimes” not all of the attributes come in when setting up the device, so it’s worth removing and re-adding. Alternatively, the poor stability was likely a range issue, which could also be fixed with a cheap repeater from Ikea (or most other powered zigbee devices). Then you could go back to using the original method. If you try a repeater, you will have to remove and re-add it when it’s near the repeater as Aqara devices are known for refusing to change routes.

That didn’t work I still cant see the illuminance entity.

I also tried going back to a direct Zigbee connection. My device is 6 feet with clear line of site from my Zigbee stick.

I go the illuminance entity but the devise went unavailable within 8 hours.

I had a very similar issue recently, but found that following the instructions below helped avoid the newly connected devices going unavailable. It might be worth giving it a go. I have no idea what the difference connecting to the coordinator makes, but it changed the behaviour for the better!