Aqara Hub v.3 (homekit version) not working anymore on 0.94.1

Hi everyone, before this version there was a way to see the hub on home assistant now looks like that Aqara Hub v.3 (homekit version) is not working anymore! Anyone else is experiencing the same issue ?

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I have the same issue. When i reset the Hub i dont see anything in discovered devices. But as soon as i add it to my iPhone’s Home App, even if configuration is not finished, i see the Hub - but cant add it because the device refuses to connect to Hassio…

I have this same issue w./ the v1 hub… There were a few other reports here… After a random number it will randomly start to work and then stop again. Other people have reported the same thing here After update to 0.94.0, Xiaomi gateway / sensors showing as 'unavailable'

i’ve got the same problem. HASS finds the hub, but it refuses to connect, when i reset the hub HASS dont see it.

anyone managed it to get this done?