Aqara new people presence sensor FP2

Looking for inspiration! I just got my first FP2 and set it up in a combined living room/dining room, and have set up automations to control lights depending on where there is presence. It works great so far. So I am considering buying one for other locations in the house, and I am looking for inspiration on what other types of automation people have done? Blinds, alarms, fans, AC, car charging or whatever creative idea anyone has had that is controlled by the FP2. Inspire me :slight_smile:

I have some combination of all those.

  • I have fans in each room that come on only if the room is occupied and the temperature is above a certain threshold.
  • In my dining area I have a light that comes on when you come into the area if the light level is below a certain threshold.
  • In the main bedroom I have the blinds tilt 85% if it’s after a defined bedtime and the room becomes occupied for 2 minutes. Related to that, in the morning after the room is unoccupied for a couple minutes, the blinds open back up.
  • In the living room I have some decorative lighting in a cabinet that comes on if the light level is below a certain threshold and the room is occupied.

I’ve avoided doing the “main” lights in my rooms because the FP2s still don’t properly detect presence/absence all the time. I’m OK with a fan or decorative light turning on/off at a strange moment, but not the main lights.


I use the FP2 for a few months now on the mainlights of the livingroom and kitchen and do not detect such problems.
I think it is related to a positioning of the FP2, or environmental variable that causes issues.

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The performance of the FP2 is very much dependent on how well it is set up in the Aqara app. You need to be quite meticulous in creating edges, interference zones, exits and entrances and any detection zones. I spent quite a bit of time just sitting in the room and watching what happened as people moved in and out and around the room, also watching for false positives from things like curtains and large plants moving. Once I was happy that everything was being tracked accurately, including occupation and vacation of a room, I left it at that. I’m sure I read somewhere that one of the key aspects of ensuring good performance was getting the room vacation ie non-occupation sorted. How quickly does the sensor change from detected to clear when everyone has left the room.


Did you guys figure out how to retrieve the number of persons inside each zone ?
Detected or Not Detected is fine, but I would like to get the number of persons detected.

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I don’t think that is available through HomeKit, and thus isn’t exposed to HA when you add it as a HomeKit device. Someone would probably have to reverse engineer the entire API and then do a man in the middle thing to get all the data the FP2 is sending back to Aqara and use it locally instead of in the app.


Just an FYI as this seems to be the most active FP2 topic, this chart posted on reddit may be useful for determining your FP2 sensitivity settings:


Hey guys, will Matter 1.2 receive support to presence sensor, like Aqara FP2?

Im findign have two of these sensors to be the worst thing I have buy seems worse than having Vista as a OS :slight_smile: no matter how I set it up or how I try its got a terrible performance.

Id also like to disipoint you on cost of Hue Bulbs being do expentive for a bulb rather it go to more important things on me to keep me alive than a bulb bit anyway I figured ways around now like I always do to save on costs and can do the same on my setup as a HUe bulb can do took me a while but like anything once figured it becomes easier!

I have smart switches on stairs with smart bulbs now colour and working great but as for these sensors in a different setup different rooms find trash and would not or be bothered with them any more thay caused me more issues than anything I have ever bought even a Christmas trees easier to put up

I’m very disappointed with tthem. Lights and things seem to blink when I tell it to turm them on if motion is detected and they also never seem to find the walls or myself correctly even though I tried at different position on the walls in corners too at different heights as made no differences. Im still using normal sensors now.

I cannot help you on this sorry but maybe you can help me get my normal Aqara sensors into Homekit on my ipad if you can help? I m also unable to do anything with thees FP2 sensors seem more trouble than what they are!

But would also be interesting to know if they can just be added into HA which will make it less confusing but there is oither things in there software by the looks of it that I dont think

Im finding it terrible to use lights that blink when you ask it to turn them on if motion is detected, Think they should of called this device The Blinking Aqara Sensor that needs truly hanging up for good! :slight_smile: I’ve only ever tested a day and turned them off ready for them blinking! They seem more trouble than what they are and as for like these videos I see I have no chance of them set up doing that they cant even find my seat position let alone turn lights on in different areas my rooms is very small you can’t swing a cat in it not that I want too but you get the point :muscle: :rofl:

If motion, or more correctly for this device, presence has been detected when someone enters a detection zone, then it’s working okay. It’s what you do with that detection afterwards that can affect how a light responds. I tend to include a “for” time of 1minute when absence, or no presence is detected. That way, lights don’t immediately go off if there’s a brief period of absence.

Yes mine was set to 1 minute which is why I think it might be blinking on and off due to not having enough time to sense Im still there. But making this device useless as I cannot have a light keep goign off an d then back on again a normal motion sensor does not do this though Id still prefer if I know how to change it to be on longer then a 1 min

The same light works fine with sensors to turn on and off by sunset but not with a time period.

Do you know how I change it on the the yaml file to keep on longer so i can test it again tonight as again hard to test in the day when its light.

1 minute should be long enough. The issue may be the set up in the Aqara app. These sensors are very sensitive to being setup correctly. You really need to just mount it some where, turn it on and watch what happens as people move in, out and around the area. If you see ghost presence then look for something that might be causing interference or turn down the sensitivity. The other thing to check is how quickly absence is detected. If that’s happening too quickly then perhaps the sensitivity is too low or the sensor is not mounted in the optimal position. I have mine in the corner of the room to optimise the 120 degree detection angle. I know it sounds like a real pain to do all this watching and tweaking, but it will be worth it in the end. Once you are happy with the detection and absence, then you can start putting in edges and interference zones. First thing I do is stand in the corners of the area and mark them. Then walk around and mark the edges. Do that a couple of times to check how accurately it’s detecting, then you can start putting in furniture and detection zones. This is our living room. My son is sitting on the floor in front of the sofa watching tv.

If you want to tweak the wait time in the automation, adjust the “for” in your “no presence” trigger,or whatever you’ve called it. That can be done in the automation UI editor.


Any way of knowing how many people in the room with this device on HA ?

Nope. That information is not exposed via HomeKit.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the latest iOS Aqara app update appears to have finally fixed my FP2s.

Actual map tracking without being forced.
No network connection errors, time outs, bullshit.
Region edits save. Period. The first time!
Ghosts delete no problem

F!cking finally :smiley:

Did someone test firmware version 1.2.0 ?
Is it safe ?

I’ve been running it since it came out. For me it’s no worse than any of the other firmware versions. Not particularly better for me, but no worse. I guess it depends on your definition of “safe.” If you’re not having any issues, I wouldn’t upgrade the firmware.

Well, after the 1.1.7 debacle, I’m not keen to blindly try a new version.
My definition of “safe” is “at least as good as 1.1.9”

My only issue with 1.1.9 is some occasional difficulty to cope with more than one person in the room and a crash now and then where the FP2 loose the wifi connection definitely so a power cycle is necessary.