Aqualin Bluetooth Water Irrigation System


I’ve got one of these:
This seems to be a perfect and cheap solution to use with HA and a RPI with bluetooth but I’m having difficulties finding tutorials and tools to reverse engineering this.
Can anyone help me?


Seems that I need special hardware to do BLE Sniff :frowning:

If anyone have access to it and it’s interested in a cheap Irrigation Bluetooth Valve, will have instant :beers: from me.

You can sniff the BLE traffic directly from an Android phone (or emulator?) running the app if you want, so there is necessarily no need for a “special” hardware :slight_smile:

Is thereany update? I am very interested in it as well, did you have any luck @joaoasilva

I stumbled upon this for a different bluetooth irrigation controller script, by any chance it could be similar?

Sadly no and as winter is here I’m not using it atm but will be again next month or so as the weather gets warmer. That seems similar, yes.

Hi Guys,

I came across this topic, funny enough I was working on resolving the issue (successfully).

The code for controlling the BLE device can be found here:

Hope you will have fun with it, btw the solution can be used to port from a bash script to python or any wrapping of the BLE conversation you want.

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@RoyOltmans wow, thank you so much!!
I’ll try it when I have some spare time. This is great!

Hi Everyone,

I finished a MQTT deamon version that can function as a service and can be called from home assistant via MQTT to control the Aqualin valve. It also reports the battery status of a unit on daily basis. Further more this combines very good with the miflora-mqtt-daemon (see git hub) that measures soil status via BLE via premade sensors.

I am still working on the manual but please do look at the project:

Kind regards :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m already using HA to control based on miflora logic and works awesome. mqtt I don’t use at all but seems awesome for people that uses it!
Great job!

So you owners of this gadget, has it proven to be reliable? In case if it fails does it have a “normally-closed” valve. For example if batteries die while it is irrigating, does the valve close?

Wow, thanks a lot.

Do you know how to create scheduled task with ble?

I want to make a better app…

The schedule can be created via HA icm with MQTT calls.

You can create a MQTT call to open and or close the valve on a automation rule including sensors. If anyone is interested I combined this with myflora so you can created a fully automated group irrigation system only watering the plant you want to be irrigated :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late answer :wink:

Hi Marksev1,

Thanks for the question, I agree I do not know how safe or stable in fault situation the setup is. I solved this by adding a traditional timer valve upfront on the groups. Meaning there is a specific time slot wherein the groups can be used to irrigate the plants.

My appologies for the late response, and a good question.

The code btw runs like a charm except that exception catches have not been addressed (quick and dirty). Meaning if a device isn’t available the BLE stack could get bogged because I did not add a timeout/retry counter.

In the summer I will look at these functions. If you like I can post a version combined with myflora sensors.

Kind regards,

The timer calls are available btw, I did not focus on that because I use a controller to start and stop the valve’s. You could debug the calls for the schedule tasks.

I am not sure but I think I wrote down on GIT how I did that :wink:

Would be interesting to see also the combined Miflora thing, do you have the Miflora outside?
Cool stuff, it would be interesting to see also how you have the automations and UI made on the HASS side of things. :slight_smile:

What about regarding water flow, would it be useful to water the grass on a small backyard with one unit? How much units do you use?

I have six miflora’s in my garden I use groups because I have two maple tree’s two pear trees and a Japanese Nut tree in trays. To keep them healthy I created a automated irrigation sys, afterwards I also want to look a fertilizer, but thats a lot trickier (looking at seaweed axtracts etc). I will upload the code somewhere the coming week, have to tidy it up a little.

By the way the biggest problem is the size of the units to get four next to each other (tested 3 ali sets all do not fit) I have not found a suitable prefab version yet, I have not ordered a Gardena version yet but that one looks like a winner because the sides are slant.

@RoyOltmans, could you share the code you use to get the valve status?
Just a breakdown of service and response Hex is sufficient i think.

Seems like the aqualin isn’t available any more. Can’t find it on ali.

I recently bought the Eve Aqua, but unfortunately it seems like it’s not possible to add it to ha (at the moment). See here

HI Koen,

Sorry for the late response was very busy!

I will look into the code and see if the state can be queried, I don’t think it will be a problem, hope I can check this weekend.

I have seen the latest message that the official store doesn’t sell the Aqualin BLE solenoid valve anymore. I still see some on ebay etc, not sure why this is.

*Correction, I can still find the Aqualin BLE valve on Aliexpress. Just google for: “ aqualin bluetooth” second hit is the device.