Eve Aqua Water valve

Does someone no if it’s possible to integrate the Eve Aqua into Home Assistant?

I already paired it to Apple Home and it works, but it would be much better if I could control it with HA.

I read this:

But looks like valves are not supported yet. It also says that devices have to be unpaired from Apple Home to pair them with HA. This makes sense but I’m asking my self how it connects to HA.
Does HA use a Bluetooth connection for this? I’m a little concerned about the range.

I would also be interested in this…does no one have an Eve Aqua and HA?

I have both. Tried it but wasn’t able to link both systems.

Ha is not able to discover eve aqua

So for it to work in Apple Home it needs to be paired to an Apple TV and should be within BT range of one?

Yes, Apple TV but it also works with an iPad.

For anyone finding this thread, head over here to track progress on support of Bluetooth based HomeKit accessories.

TL;DR - homekit_controller doesn’t support BLE accessories as of December 16th 2019. It is planned, but the blocking bluetooth client doesn’t integrate well with home assistant. So the current priority is switching the IP client to asyncio then building an asyncio bluetooth client. But this is a long term effort. In the meantime, an Eve Extend bridge can allow home assistant to see Eve bluetooth accessories via WiFi.

This only helps for the device types listed in the docs, so at the moment Eve Aqua connected to Eve Extend would probably be detected but e.g. might only report on its battery status. It might be easy to add support the Eve Aqua properly via this method, but I can’t offer any solid promises. It looks like on Home Assistant’s side we would just model the Tap as a kind of switch.

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Hey there - just wanted to confirm that the Eve Aqua does report battery life when connected via the Eve Extend, but doesn’t have the ability to control the valve. I’d be happy to try and look at this and help if you point me in the right direction?

Hi @billclerico - funnily enough I added support for valves a few days ago. See here. It’s on dev now so will be in the next beta and then in 0.108.0.

Does this mean the Eve Aqua will work directly with home assistant or is the Eve Extend needed too?

Unfortunately not. I added valve support for an unrelated WiFi device, it’s just a bonus that it probably now works with Eve Extend too.

It does mean that when the BLE transport exists it will work as well, but such a transport is a significant amount of work.

I helped to write the BLE support in the blocking homekit client we used to use and had a working prototype for Eve Energy in Home Assistant, but as i’ve said before there were some severe limitations because of the interactions between asynchronous code running in HA, asynchronous code running in the Linux bluetooth stack and then trying to put a synchronous blocking code path in the middle of that with threads. With the HA homekit_controller code as it was when I started contributing it took 2 threads to get this working, per entity. I know there are users with 40+ homekit entities. Not only wasn’t it reliable, it wouldn’t have scaled.

Now we use a different homekit client that is entirely async. Unfortunately it’s IP only at the moment. That code landed in 0.107.0 and i’m spending this cycle mostly on support. But the hope is that now this foundational piece in place we can use aioble and avoid the threading layer that was causing problems. But this is a massive piece of work so is still a good long while away.

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that is awesome - thank you!!!

@billclerico obviously you’ll be the first Eve Aqua user to try it so please do take it for a spin before the release if you can - then if anything crops up there is still time for me to fix it in the beta.

I will try and give this a shot but can’t make any promises at this point! I’ve never run the dev install of HA so I could be opening up a can of worms. Will let you know if I’m successful.