Aquarite Pool

I would like to see an integration to Hayward Pools. In Europe they use a system called Aquarite.

I found some code on GitHub ( but made for OpenHAB home automation. Unfortunately I don’t have the bandwidth to do coding myself and was wondering if this could make it into HA.

I can make my system available to anyone that would be able to do some coding :slight_smile:

Looks easy enough to convert to a home-assistant component as it is already written in python.

Hope there are anyone skilled to do integrations that would like to take this on :slight_smile:

I’m probably buing a Hayward Aquarite Plus with Wifi in a month or so when we are converting our pool to a saline pool.

Will try to covert the code you found to HA then.

Sounds great! I will be happy to assist with what ever I can. The pool equipment is great and I am super happy with it.

Did you make any progress? I also have that Aquarite model with the wifi adapter.

This would be another great Home Assistant integration for Hayward Pool. Aquarite is sold in Australia also. I hope someone can take it on.

Hi everyone, this path is dead. Hayward has updated their website and the integration is broken.

The only (and stable) way forward is local connection over RS485.

Our hayward (aquarite) is a re-branded oxilife aka sugar valley. Check the below
Sugar Valley NeoPool Controller - Tasmota

Needed components as below, I will push a write-up as time allow.


and the docker container to build the firmware

To bad with them changing the API’s. But I think it will be a more long term integration with the ESP solution.
Very interested to follow your progress. Good work so far.

I was looking at this one as well:

What do you think?

I use ESPHOME for pulling from my electricity and water meter, it’s an easy integration in homeassistant. Now to Modbus, you will have to “manage” the registers yourself, and hopefully, no mistake or you can “brick” the Aquarite and have it unrecoverable. My current understanding is that the tasmota has already the registers pre-defined and you can use it “out of the box”.

Prototype ready, I just do not feel like going outside to test it given current weather. :slight_smile: Weather forecast seems better for tomorrow, I will give it a try.


Sun came out, so I rushed outside. As expected, the various entities for the registers are automatically created on homeassistant. Very easy integration.

I will play now.

Tasmota view

Nice work! Can you send links to where to order the ESPHOME and the parts you used. I have to do this as well and what you’ve done is super! Good job!

I’ve purchased from Amazon.

We need an “ESP8266” and a “3.3V TTL to RS485”. Next, follow Sugar Valley NeoPool Controller - Tasmota

Post question here, if any, will be happy to support if I can.

I’m planning to addégulateur-abaisseur/

So we can power the ESP and TTL adaptor from the aquarite without the need of external power supply.

Awesome, that would be a great idea to get rid of a power supply. I am putting my shopping list together and will order the stuff next week to get going as well.

The link you shared did not work for me but I guess it is this one:

yeap, that’s the correct one. Sorry about the incorrect link. Planning to complete the new build this week.

I think I will use this one: