Are there best-practices naming conventions Shelly // HA?

I am new to the IOT-world and excited. Currently I am setting up a net energy saving panel for my new solar generation. The eco system consists of Shelly components integrated in HA.
When it comes to YAML and readability it matters, how entities/devices are named. So far I see two options
a) Name the Shelly device after what it measures (e.g. solar generation) or
b) What it is, e.g. a Shelly plug S or em3 resp. “solar meter” or “power meter”
To ease the Shelly-integration in HA, one should already use a Shelly device name according to a) or b) instead of renaming the automatically created entity names in HA after integration of the device.

Your experiences/recommendations are more then welcome :blush:

I usually name devices so, that I can recognise them fast: Fabric, room, kind, and if needed, output number (for triple switches as example.

So my qubino triple switch in the storage room, which also measures the room temperature, has those device names:


Maybe there are better ways, this works fine for me :wink:

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Hi Uwe, welcome to the forum!

I don’t know if you did a search here on the forum, this question has been asked before and I was in the same situation.
Here are a few links that can help:

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