Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client

Hmmm… can you enable debug mode in app and send me the logs. Thank you.

Hello all,

Version is out.
What’ new:

  • NEW: support for weather-forecast lovelace card
  • NEW: added option to select MQTT camera resolution

Noob question, and struggling to find an answer in the forum as search is a bit naff on my phone, but could anyone quickly explain what the differences are in the two mqtt client options are?

Can’t seem to see anything in the docs.


The home assistant MQTT uses Home Assistant API to simulate an MQTT client. The build-in is a real MQTT client that will going to need to be setup. The benefits of Home Assistant MQTT is that it will not require another connection. Its downside is that it cannot be used for example with MQTT Camera sensor from Ariela.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Good day. Thank you for creating this app. The mqtt functionality is great.

Is there a way to limit/hide tabs based on user or anything else.
Thank you


There is no way for now to limit / hide tabs based on user. Still, this is something that i have in my TODO list.

Hello everyone,

Hope you find out until now about When will there be an official Home Assistant for Android app??? which announce that a new Home Assistant android official app is in the works.
What i wanted to say is that having the new official app is a very good news, but as it was stated in that announcement, they encourage other Home Assistant apps to be developed and available for you guys.
Knowing this, i want to let you know that Ariela development will still continue, bugs will be fixed and many new features will be added in the future.

Thank you very much for using Ariela, and i really appreciate the good words, kind reviews, bugs / features reported. Such kind of interaction with you, makes me proceed further in order to deliver a good experience for Home Assistant on Android devices.


Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: support for json_attributes_topic
  • fixed issue when displaying time on weather lovelace card
  • fixed connection failed issue
  • updated German localization
  • updated Russian localization

Ariela development will still continue

Good to know! You have made a great app which is getting better all the time. Keep up the great work.

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Thank you very much, i am glad to hear that you like my work :smiley:

Hey @Ionut!
Your app is really awesome, thanks for that!

I have a question.
I’ve updated to latest version, and I’m not sure if it’s my fault or not, but the new json_attributes_topic sensor is not working for me.

Any idea?

I think i forgot to update the MQTT sensor setup instructions right? :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry for that, the tomorrow version it will include the fix for this issue.

In your case the sensor setup should be something like this:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Battery sensor name"
    state_topic: "homeassistant/sensor/android_pcophone_battery/attributes"
    unit_of_measurement: '%'
    value_template: "{{ value_json.level }}"
    json_attributes_topic: "homeassistant/sensor/android_pcophone_battery/attributes"

Btw, your sensor isn’t discovered automatically by Home Assistant? If you don’t have MQTT discovery enabled you can enable it by having this entry in your configuration.yaml

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  discovery: true
  discovery_prefix: homeassistant

:grin: I thought I missed something. I waited to update to new version, to be in front of my pc and see how the json_attributes_topic worked, and I couldn’t figure out why I had that error :smile:

Best dev :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:

Uhm, to be honest I’m using the Hassio Mosquitto broker with a custom config to fetch data from cloudmqtt, and I don’t really know if it’s disabled or not. I’ll check but I think I must remove the integration first. :thinking:

Another question: Why does mqtt phone camera can only be used with Builtin broken? What is the limitation?

Because the MQTT Home Assistant one its emulating MQTT via Home Assistant API and unfortunately i didn’t find a way to send binary data (eg: images) without a custom component installed. The build in MQTT client from Ariela its a 100% MQTT client, meaning that i can send & receive any type of data.

Not you, i missed something :frowning: :smiley:

Thank you :smiley:

Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: added states developer option
  • changed the add items text from notifications
  • fixed application power drain issue
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Please, please, add support for the custom card-modder…

Hi Ionut
Feature request if possible?

  • Locate my phone by sending mqtt message to Ariela which will set volume to max and ring.

  • Control the “Do not disturb” option on my phone.
    This could then be used in automations, for example, I return home from work everyday between the hours of 3am and 6am. Sometimes if I forget to silence my phone and it will go off and wake my Wife!. Having this option would save me some ear aches :slight_smile:

Not sure if you have access to these options on Android but if you do there addition to the app would be great.

Mark D

I added this to my TODO list. After all official cards are supported, custom cards will be available.

I will add this to my TODO list. Thank you or suggestion.

I will have to investigate this, so adding this also to my TODO list.

In theory, many things are possible, so if you have any ideas, please share and i will see what i can do about that :smiley:

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Thanks for the MQTT camera resolution , works great !!

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Hello @Ionut,

Great app and great updates as usual. Just chiming in for a little bug: the icon for the mobile phone battery has probably a typo in the 70-79 range and it doesn’t show.

Have a nice weekend!