Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Stupid question. I just started using this app. But i cant see most of my entities.I cant see my groups either. When i go to the widgets i can find all my entities back. There is no setting to add or remove them? What do i wrong? I just see dashboard and then few components.


I love the app, but why is in € 4,19 and in $3,99??


Can you send me your configuration.yaml as private message. Also 2 screenshots(one of HA web and 1 of Ariela) will going to help. Also what UI mode are using in Ariela: classic or lovelace?

For some countries, Google automatically add the VAT and that’s why the price differ. The price of the app i put as 3.43 Euro. At this price the VAT will apply. From total, about 30% will go to Google.


Hello all,
Here is a little teaser of what will be available on next update:


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added support for alarm entities
  • small ui changes
    Please test it and let me know how it goes.
    Best regards,


I am seeing nothing in the list of entities. This makes me think I need to put some discovery configuration in, but I only want it to discover the app else I get a whole world of junk to filer out.

Screenshot by DM…


@Ionut I don’t know if you have heard that from version 0.84 HA will use Lovelace as the default interface. I think you have to prepare Ariela for it.


I heard, and i will try to prepare for that


Can someone tell me what I need to do for HA to discover the device with Ariela installed on? I really do not want to enable general discovery as there is simply too much rubbish imported.


Are you referring to device tracking component? ( GPS location, device battery)
If so, you will have to add device_tracker: to configuration.yaml and enable device tracking in Ariela.
More details you can find here:



I already have device_tracker (as below - BLE via MQTT) but which platform should it be for Ariela?

  - platform: mqtt
      Me : 'presence/me'


It is enough what you have there if you enabled device tracker in Ariela too. Can you check the entities from known_devices.yaml if your device is there?


Yes I have checked, and no it is not there (known_devices.yaml). I just have the mqtt entry specified above.


What happen if you enable device tracker in Ariela settings? Does a error message appear?


Hello all,
Here is a teaser of what will be available in the next version:

Gauge lovelace card:
IFrame lovelace card:
Please let me know what lovelace cards you want to be supported by Ariela and i will add to my TODO list.


Version 1.2.3 is out
What’s new:

  • added Lovelace IFrame card support
  • added Lovelace Gauge card support
  • fixed crash on Android 4.4 or lower
  • added Dutch localization support
  • added entities card when running Lovelace UI
  • fixed crash in server configuration


No, no error message in the App. I have tried adding in the wifi mac address as a device in known devices but no information seems to be passed through.


Can you tell me if any error occur in the Home Assistant command line or in its logs when the Ariela tries to send device tracking informations? Also, can you try like this:

  1. make a copy of known_devices.yaml
  2. delete the known_devices.yaml
  3. restart HA
  4. open Ariela
  5. check if the newly created known_devices.yaml has your device.


Could you add support for vertical-stack-in-card


I will add it to my TODO list. Thank you for suggestion.