Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


I have a question about the device tracking. I’ve installed Ariela pro and after restart HA server I see that my phone is added to the known devices. So far so good! The thing is that I don’t always switch on my gps service in my phone. And when I look at the sensor of my home status I see that the source type is GPS.

So would it be possible that when you connect with home wifi you get the home status, and when you disconnect you get the always the away status without the gps function switched on?

If this could work that would be awesome. Because the nmap is a bit laggy sometimes.


When your phone will be connected to a Wi-Fi that you set it as home wifi it will always say to HA that you are home( will use the GPS location from home zone). If you are not connected to a home Wi-Fi and Ariela couldn’t determine your GPS location, it will send the last known location of the device. I could add a settings option that when enabled if the GPS coordinates can’t be retrieved to send a “away” status.


Hey Ionot,
Would it be possible to add some extra features to the Widgets? Like tweaking the color / transparency, so you can get a nice looking widget on your phone?


I know this is off the record, but Rene, what Cam Model are you using?


I will add this to my TODO list.


So I’d like to use the battery information to control switching off the charger when it reaches a certain level. Not worked out the automation for that but…

I have the GPS update period set to 1hr (don’t want to drain battery) however, that is largely irrelevant as I do not have any external access to HA. This though means the battery state is only updated once an hour.

So whilst I’d like to report status, only when connected to the WiFi networks identified.

So could the device tracker offer the ability to select when the tracking is done (wifi, GPS or both) possbly with a priority i.e. WiFi in preference to GPS if connected and also set the update rate for both individually?

Love this app BTW.


I don’t think i fully understand what you mean. Do you want the device battery status to be send when only you are connected to a Wi-Fi network?
Note: currently if Ariela detects that you are connected to home wifi network, it will not request GPS coordinates, it will simply use the home zone ones, and also send current battery level. This means that if you set the device tracker update to 1h and you are home then Ariela will send those informations at 1h interval.


I really need device_tracker without GPS i.e. only on WiFi at a high rate so I get accurate battery state.

Even with that, a different update rate for device_tracker when on WiFi or GPS would be really useful.

A high update rate on GPS would not be good.


Ok, so you actually want a way to send device tracking informations like home(when connected to home wifi) and not home when connected to 4G / other networks + battery information, and those to have different settings than the GPS tracking, correct?


Not exactly:
‘Not connected to home WiFi’ === ‘away’ so don’t send updates (in my case)
‘Connected to home WiFi’ === ‘home’ so send updates at rate X.

Others may also want:
‘Not connected to home WiFi’ === ‘away’ - send GPS updates at rate Y


The key is defining different update rates for GPS and WiFi I think.


Got it, i will add this to my TODO list. Thank you for recommendation.


That option would be very handy! Could this also be on the To-do list?

You’re doing such a great job man!


Already put it on my TODO list, and thank you very much.


Also, do not hesitate to tell me ideas that could help Ariela to be improved. With your help we can make Ariela be exactly what everyone needs from a HA client.


I can create a widget to control a climate component, but I cannot open the climate control from the app. Is that possible?


Climate widget already available. When clicking on that widget it will directly show the climate control.


Yes but I need to close the app, then find the right ‘screen’ to get to the widget. Would be great to be able to open the climate control from the app.


Was trying out some stuff and had the following problem. Under settings>ui you can switch on the web ui. But when I switch this on I have a white screen. And it is no longer possible to switch it off. Because the menu button in the left corner is disappeared. So whole screen is white and no response anymore.

Had to force close it and when start Ariela you have a second to click the menu button to change the web ui back. Otherwise the white screen loads again.


You can just swipe right from the left corner and the menu will appear again. Can you make a screenshot of that white screen? Also can you send some logs?


You can have climate controll from the app by clicking the climate entity. Just to let you know that clicking an listed entity should show more information dialog about that entity.

Also, little spoiler , i think this is looking quite good: