Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client



Version is out
What’s new:

  • Android Wear support
  • some small other fixes


So I am having an issue where I do not see the device in my HASS system for device tracking. Any ideas?

edit: nevermind, I didnt set track: true in known_devices. Derp


Glad to hear it was sorted it out


I do not see the climate entity - see previous DM - still not fixed. I think because it is a group.


Just purchased Pro but it seems it is a completely different app. Should I uninstall the free version?


Yes, PRO is a different APK. You can uninstall the free version of course. And thank you for the support.
BTW: you can keep both PRO and FREE if you have 2 different home assistant servers :stuck_out_tongue:


Having strange thing when updating the Ariela Pro app. I press the update button get the notification when it’s installed. But when I go to the playstore again Ariela needs to update again. I’ve tried already a phew times.


Just checked the version of the Ariela Pro app. It’s version so I suppose it’s the latest version. Strange…


Probably just a play store bug.


Hi @Ionut - did you see my response? I am still not seeing everything on my dashboard.


Hi. I can’t connect Ariela with my HomeAssistant. Im using duckdns.


Are you trying to connect while at home? If yes, are you using the internal address of HASS / do you have internal dns set to direct to the correct address?

Have you tried to connect while on another network / cell data?


It works now.
I changed to another wifi and when it connected than I could setup external connection too.
Nice app, good work.


I’ve had in the beginning also a bit of problems for setting up. I am also using

Here’s how it worked for me:
Connect with home wifi network. It didn’t find the server. So enter manually:
After that login with api http password.

Than setup external connection:

Did this work?


New feature request

As well as the battery level, could you pass if it is charging or not please? Use case is an automation to switch off charger when required charge is reached.


That could be easy for me to add that, but device tracker see (from HA) cannot handle that from what i know. Maybe in the future it can be added.


Can’t you just use the battery % for automation ?


Possibly but I am not at a level of expertise to create an automation that knows if it is charging (i.e. increasing).


Maybe a request for HA development should be done. If it will be implemented for HA, for sure i will add support on Ariela.


Did you solve the issue?? I have the same problem?