Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


No it’s still the same. Do you have also the pro version? Which smartphone do you use? I have a Galaxy S7.

Maybe when the next version arrives it wil be solved by itself.


You shouldn’t use a ip with https, the verification will fail. Use your external domainname all the time. If you have a ok router it will resolv locally anyway.


Same problem here.


That would be actually the best setting. Problem for me is that the router I’ve got from my ISP doesn’t support NAT Loopback setting.


Yeah pro version Galaxy s7 edge…


Hello all,

Ariela is out
What’s new:

  • added lovelace entity-filter card support
  • added Wi-Fi Device tracker only
  • fixed other issues

Please test it and let me know how it goes and as always i am waiting for your ideas for improving the app.


I am offered the 29th Nov update, but cannot get it to install. Says ‘installing’ then goes back to offering an Update.


That’s very strange. What happens if you uninstall and try again to install?


Installs but goes straight to the update again. (installs

I also now cannot connect. Am I allowed to reuse the same long term key I used before or are they one time. It is a real PITA to keep getting codes. Need a QR generation (by HA) and scanning (by Ariela) to make this easier.

#573 should be available in few hours ( Google play takes few hours to show the update)

Once such feature is implemented in HA, Ariela for sure will fallow with supporting that feature.


Update has worked and seemed to fix the update problem :slight_smile:

On Device tracker, could you offer the Wifi / GPS options as check boxes so the user can chose either / both?

Could the update period then be selectable for each type of tracking i.e. 5 min for GPS and 1 min WiFi?

I am still only seeing elements in the App that are in the main config and not seeing any elements that are put into in a Group.


If you you choose GPS tracking that automatically have Wi-FI tracking integrated already. Wi-Fi tracking will be wi-fi tracking only.

I will see what i can do about that.

Thank you, i will investigate this.


Noob question, when I close app from recent apps my device tracking stops working. How to preserve it on reboot, app close?


The device tracking will still send updates even if the app closes depending on the tracking settings you choosed. Please let me know if that is not happening.


That is not happening for me. As soon as I open the app my home status changes. Before that there is no tracking.


For me it doesn’t happening either. The application sends data to device_tracker in the background only when there is a persistent notification in notification bar, and it disappears when I exit from the application with the “back” key.


That isn’t clear from the UI. It looks like an either / or. I know you have mentioned that before. It would be good if that was more explicit.


Was trying out the device tracker upgrade. Had still a small problem while testing.
The problem I have is: When I am at home I use the home network IP, so when I switch my Wi-Fi off (and I have Automatic Reconnect switched on) it will be searching for my local IP to reconnect again.
Could it be possible that when Ariela tries to reconnect with my local network adress that it also tries with my duckdns adress?

Otherwise when you’re away you will have to open Ariela app each time to connect again.
Maybe this has been already mentioned before, if so my bad!

Also tried the device tracker upgrade while seeing the logs. It reacts very fast on HA.
Nicely done!


Okay nevermind what I said in the previous post. Seems to work now just fine!


Hello everyone,
A new feature that will be available today: Add / Delete / manage HA users.