Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


After upgrade to version Ariela stopped displaying my Lovelace interface.

My Lovelace configuration.


You have some cards like custom:monster-card , vertical-stack which are not supported by Ariela. Previous versions tried to at least display the entities but with possibility that the rendering not done correctly(that’s why i decided not to show anything for unsupported cards).
More Lovelace cards will be available soon so please stay tuned.

LE: unsupported cards will be treaded in the new version like card type = entities (in this way at least the entities will be shown).


Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • more UI changes
  • added entity charts
  • lovelace cards that are not supported are treated like entities cards


Have completely removed Ariela from the system/known devices and my phone, then restarted and my phone, if I do not restart the phone Ariela still remembers my credentials when I reinstall it and adds itself to known_devices !!

Im guessing some old crap from the early versions of the app was fucking up. And that it is what has kept me from getting location data from phone. The aha moment was when I discovered I needed to restart the phone as well because data was kept after uninstall. So far tracking works well today, for the first time !


Glad to hear that you sorted out the issue. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


New purple theme will be available today :smiley:


What is the difference between the regular and the PRO version?
Do you have plans to add support for WearOS also? :slight_smile: But please support a lower api version since I still have the Sony Smartwatch 3 :).


There is no function difference except that the free one has ads and the PRO do not.
Wear OS is already supported. What Android version its your watch having(minimum version that i put is 7)


Great!! I will let you know after the weekend, now I have a different watch on, and am not at home :). Is there a persistent changelog of all the additions that you add, it would be nice to read? :slight_smile:


First entry was on 26 nov 2018:
All the rest change logs you can find in this ticket, there are now over 611 messages
Sorry i didn’t keep the change log in one place, but for sure it will be from now one.
Note that the Ariela webpage is still under construction, more documentation will be available soon.


Hello all,
Version is out
What’s new

  • fixed charts show issue
  • added purple theme
  • some other issue fixed


I hoped it would now work, but its not (I was never able to have Lovelace UI on): I have an empty screen with Dashboard written, and a circle spinning indefinetly


Send me the logs so i can investigate them please.


Just downloaded the app but noticed my group cards arent there?


That’s strange. Can you enable the debug mode and send me the logs? Also its classic or lovelace config?


Sorry how do i get the logs? and classic


Go to Ariela Settings and enable debug mode. In your case, close after the application, start it again and use the contact option. It will automatically send me the app logs. Alternative, you can find the logs in your phone memory called: ariela_logfile.log. You can send that file manually. Please let me know if you have other questions.


When I press contact it just gives me multiple options for outlook, what’s app etc


Use your email application to send it.


Sent with some screenshots of web ui Vs app