Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Thank you, i am glad you like the app, and thank you for reddit post.

I will add this to my TODO list.


Why does the connection string when launching the app for the first time require a port number? My HA lives on port 443 on my external network. It seems that if I feed it an https address without a port number it should default itself to port 443. It’s a strange thing to have to type in and took a few ‘failed attempts’ for me to realize that the port is REQUIRED.


From what i know any connection if you do not specify the port number (even if http or https) it will automatically be 80 ( and this not only in Ariela). I will modify the setup UI to specify the port is required.


The default port for https is 443, and http is 80. I have never had to specify port 443 for any https connection, ever.

Thank you, it would make the configuration process easier to understand.


FWIW, I just had the same experience.

Why not:
http and no port given = 80
https and no port given = 443


Got it, i will see what i can do about this :smiley:


Hai there,

I’ve tested your application and i love it !

But in my case i have a specific setup to access my home-assistant instance from outside : I have my own SSO system in front of home-assistant.

I would love to be able to setup the application to use a specific cookie or header so the requests can reach my home assistant instance.

Would you consider this ? Or suggest a way to not expose to the entire universe my home assistant instance ? (yes i do have a VPN, but i do not want to be connected at all times)

Thanks !


I will add this in my TODO list.


I love app. I have some input_booleans that hide and unhide groups. I have after I toggle a toggle I have to reload the page.


Also when I use the web view it says I have an invalid cert even tho it’s not. It would be nice if there was a way to just ignore invalid certs. That would be great that way I wouldn’t have to renew it.


Can you share those input booleans so i can check too? Also do you use native UI or web UI?

If its a self signed certificate then its not to be trusted :stuck_out_tongue: even firefox / chrome give you that warning. Unfortunately the just ignore invalid certificates in android webviews is not allowed by Google ( they require to show a dialog / information of some sort else they do not accept the app in the store)


It’s not self signed. Native UI web ui works fine other than complaining about the cert. image


Thank you for the example. I will do more check regarding that complain.


Ok. Thank you. Also is there any way to hid the sun from the main page?


Currently not. I will add this to my TODO list.


I just created this script:

  alias: Netflix
    - service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.androidbox
    - delay: 00:00:30
    - service: mqtt.publish
        topic: homeassistant/sensor/sensor.tx9_pro_apps/startapp

But the netflix app doesn’t start on my android tv… Is the script correct?
If not how to fix? If yes, why netflix doesn’t start?

EDIT: i changed the topic to:

topic: homeassistant/sensor/tx9_pro_apps/startapp

But with no success…


Enable debug mode in Ariela please and send me the logs. Thank you


Hmmm it’s the logfile of android tv box so it’s not easy to extract and send you the logifile…
Is the syntax of the script correct?


Also I noticed if I have a group the switch for the whole group isn’t shown.


Here is a script that starts kodi on my phone:

  alias: Run Kodi
  - data:
      payload: org.xbmc.kodi
      topic: homeassistant/sensor/android_galaxy_s8__apps/startapp
    service: mqtt.publish

This is already on my TODO list.