Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


@maurizio53 Start with the basics. Does the mqtt message arrive at the broker? Subscribe with mosquitto_sub or some other mqtt viewer you like.


Input source is wrong, since it has wrongky the sound mode in media_player
(in sound mode there is nothing)


Please send me the logs so i can investigate.


I tried to run apps in all of my devices: a S8, a Nexus7 and an Android Box TV and in none of the devices the script works… Also tried to publish from terminal but nothing…
I sent you a logfile…


I see in the logs that you use wrong topic:
You use:

But it should be:

Please let me know if works.


So i must add android to all the devices?


Today an update will be available and it will show you what you have to put for each device


Yes it works on my S8 and on my Nexus7, but not on my android box TV


Just check the entities sensors what’s the apps sensor id of the android tv.


You mean the app package names?


In Home Assistant -> Developer Tools -> States you should find something like this:

Search for the sensor apps id in the entities lists.
As you can see in my case , the sensor id was sensor.galaxy_s8__apps

If i were to call the start app topic , my topic would be:


But lilke i said, the today update will contain instructions that will show you what to put on the apps sensor.


Yes, i understand and made all following your guide, but as i said in the android tv box called TX Pro (the sensor is sensor.tx9_pro_apps and the topic is topic: homeassistant/sensor/android_tx9_pro_apps/startapp) the apps do not start. Maybe it depends from the android box…


It should not depend :stuck_out_tongue:
Go to Ariela -> Settings -> Enable permanent notification (this is to be sure the Ariela will be always started.
Also go to Ariela -> Settings -> MQTT sensors and check in the apps sensor is enabled.

Please let me know if works.


Is it possible to send also “keyboard movements” to the android app…For example lets says that Kodi opens up on Android TV with always the same layout of the pointer, then one could script also the inside “actions” of the app. To search for things etc., start certain modules, lets say youtube, rss reader inside kodi etc.


Not yet, but i will add this to my todo list.


Hello everybody,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added mqtt screen switch setup info
  • at setup if using https and no port specified, use 443
  • added mqtt apps sensor setup info + script example of running kodi
  • fix setup issue when using web login

Please test it and let me know if you find any issue.


I have the same issue with having to add port 443 to tje url when I specify https. I also have an issue where Ariela keeps loosing my login information. oh great I missed the post before. Let me give it a try now


Ok,Please let me know if works.

As a side note:

I am planning releasing a API for creating addons for Ariela. This means that other users will be able to create addons like: MQTT sensors, based on MQTT calls do some functions (send current application running, start app, modify volume etc etc ), send HA commands etc. Also it is planned that the API for Ariela to include in the future possibility to create support for custom lovelace cards (so anyone can create a card to be supported in Ariela). What do you think about this? Is someone interested?


I also can’t connect to my HASS (I think it might be something with SSL), gonna try to enable debug mode (if I will find a way how to get out of the wizard) :slight_smile: and send you logs…or download your debug version and use that…


You can download debug apk from here: