Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


I am VERY interested in the custom MQTT sensors, custom commands, and custom lovelace cards! I’ll help with testing however much you need. Thanks!


Thank you for the help.


Would this extend to creating a plugin for supporting another automation application aside from HA ?


It will be only for Ariela which support HA only.


Hello everybody,

There were several users that had trouble authenticating using Two factor authentication.
In order to setup Ariela using TOTP, please use the web login option.

Thank you for understanding.

Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client - Updates Thread

Just spent the past 30 minutes trying to figure out what the issue was with my normal account and why I could log in with any new accounts that I created. Great timing!


Glad to hear i could help


Purchased pro just a few minutes ago to help support the project. Ran through the config (no more need for port 443 in there :smiley:), switched to Lovelace UI, but I am seeing some weird glitches on my main screen. I use entity buttons for some items on my Lovelace UI, but the app only shows normal toggles? And my MQTT switches are going crazy on the display, but aren’t actually changing values on HA. Is this a known issue? Seems to only be affecting my MQTT switches, and not my input booleans or normal switches right now.


Hmm…it keeps disconnecting me. Is there a way to troubleshoot this?


In Ariela Settings you will find a option called debug. Activate it, restart the app and reproduce the issues. After that you can use the contact option from Ariela to send me a email with the logs attached.
As an alternative find in your phone ariela_logfile.log and send it to me.
Please let me know if you have any issues.


I’ve been following the development of Ariela with great interest and recently installed the free version. I was able to detect, connect, and login to my HA server (using the token-bases authentication system).

The first issue was that it did not render my HA system’s UI (all I saw was a blank screen). Was this due to a configuration error on my part? I assumed it would ‘just work’ without any configuration. I’m using the traditional Frontend UI but I am also using Custom UI for added functionality (mostly for conditional visibility). Could this be the reason for Ariela not showing the UI?

I proceeded to configure Ariela to use the Lovelace UI. I’m using 0.80, with ui-lovelace.yaml, no custom cards, and the resulting UI was rendered correctly. :+1:

I realize Lovelace will be the default UI in the near future, but I can’t help wondering what went wrong and prevented the Frontend UI from being rendered?

Let me know if you need me to submit a debug log.


Yes, please send me the logs and also attach a screenshot of how the issue appear in Ariela and how it appear in HA web. Thank you.


I can’t seem to find the app on the app store at all. It just says “app not found” for both the Pro and the Free versions.

I’m in Canada if that matters.


I’m on the US app store and its not showing up either.


Where can I download, not on devs website,github,or Google play. Looks like it got ripped OFF the net.:confused:


Looks like he had some issues updating the build. Play store does that sometimes. I’ve had my apps get stuck in weird states before. It sucks.


Not on Google play in NZ at present either.


Hello everybody,

Google decided to remove Ariela due too DEVICE_ADMIN (added in order to allow turning off screen). I will fix the issues they said and today Ariela will be available again.



Just started using the app, awesome work mate.
works perfectly


Hello everybody,
Ariela is up on the Google Play store again and also got some updates:
Release date: 17 January 2019

  • removed device admin (the screen can’t be turned off anymore)
  • added support for input_text view
  • small changes in Android Wear