Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Quite strange, possible a problem of the Play Store(indeed Ariela Wear is the name of the app).


Possibly. I’ll try again later. Thanks for your ongoing development of this app.


Np, thank you too for using Ariela.


I have another glitch on one of my phones with Ariela.

3 over 4 phones are working fine with GPS location pushed to Home Assistant.
One, the Huawey P10, is reporting the wrong position.

When i’m at work (about 15km from home) Ariela is telling HA that i’m at home.
If i open google maps, the phone knows that i’m at work
If i open owntracks, is showing work position. If i force a PUSH from owntracks, HA reports “work” immediately, but after a second or two, it reverts back to “home” (maybe from an Ariela push).

now also Ariela reports work, but it took more than an hour. Updates are fixed to 5 minutes and 50 meters.


For better performance, enable permanent notification Ariela. Enabling this will make ariela work in background and updates be send more constant.


I understand, but Ariela’s battery consumption is already an issue for me, even worse in one phone with an old battery (getting replaced in few days). Also, persistent notifications means a permanent notification i cant remove, and annoying messages with connect/disconnect. Can you make those messages optional?

Anyway, Ariela was open and connected when i did tests for “home” or “work”

I love your app, and i’ll surely buy the paid version when some bugs i think are of primary importance, will be squashed.
For me, those most important ones, right now, are those switch related:

  • The one that will open the boolean when i click a switch in the UI instead of toggling it directly
  • The one that keeps the UI switch grey, not following it’s on/off status
  • The one that make the switch in a widget flickers when you press it, having to click it 2 times (with a few sec wait in between) to turn on or off a switch and have it showing the right state.

When those will be fixed, i’ll switch to Ariela as my main HA app. For now, i need to keep using web interface :frowning:


You can disable notifications by going to Android Settings -> Apps -> Ariela -> Notifications.

Please explain this more.

Please explain this more.

I will investigate.


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • fixed issue when trying to connect with local IP on wrong wifi network
  • scroll badges name if too long
  • scroll server URL in navigation drawer if its too long
  • added entity button lovelace card
  • use “execute” text when having script view
  • trigger scenes from widgets


Hello all,

Here is a teaser of new functionality:
Ability to edit views in Ariela (lovelace).
You will be able to edit tab name, icons, and the badges that will be shown. In the future it will also be available to edit view groups and groups entities so stay tuned.


Hi Ionut, I love the passion you put into this project and huge respect what you have build in such a short time! Of course I purchased the premium version as soon as I could.

Maybe a very stupid question; I have been using it few times now but keep reverting back to my chrome webview (which I saved as ‘web app’ on my homescreen). What do you consider the key benefit of using the app above the native webview?



Is there any chance you could add also a timer off function to lights/switches menu?

At the moment, when turning on the light, it will stay on unless there is a backend component (automation) to turn it off after a while.


I am glad you like the app and thank you for the support.

In my opinion, having native controls and not the web ones is much quicker. Of course Ariela provides the web UI as a variant also.
Regarding functionality:

  • integrated device tracker support (in order to have this from third party you will have to pay for another app)
  • integrated MQTT client (with sensors from device, VR etc). In order to have this functionality you have to install another app which can be free or not (usually you will take the paid one)
  • i have in plan adding support for editing the UI (views and groups for both Lovelace and classic). You can do this using web ui, but its a little bit difficult to do it. My plan is to make Ariela do this very easy.
  • Android Wear support.
  • Android TV support (soon)
  • creating scripts & automation (soon)

Anyway, these are some of the features that Ariela offers. Sure, you can achieve this by having other apps installed, but wouldn’t be good to have just one application that handles all the things you need?

I have also a question for you: why do you switch back to native web ui?
Also please all keep in mind that all these features were done in a very short time. I consider that Ariela is having more features then even iOS app. So i am asking now, if in a very short time all these features were implemented, how do you see Ariela in a year from now?

I don’t think i will add such feature. Like you said, you can create a automation to achieve this thing.


I did it already few days ago, but i’ll try to explain better:

All icons are grey, no matter if on or off. In a small screen grey/yellow is way more readable than “on” or “off” (that is, 2 letter differences “ff” or “n”, few pixels)

When you click a switch in the UI, it will not toggle, but will open a boolean. 2 click and much more time instead of directly togglin from main UI:

As per my previous post, on my phone i’ve put some switches as widgets.
They works ok if i dont touch them, reporting right switch status in HA

But if i use them, this is what happens:

  1. Widget is off, real switch is off
  2. i click the widget
  3. widget flickers on (yellow) for half a sec, then go back to off (grey), phone notify switch is turning on, real switch turns on
  4. i click again on the widget, it turns on, phone notify switch is turning on, real switch STAYS on.
  5. i click again on the widget, it STAYS on, phone notify switch is turninf off, real switch turn off
  6. i click again on the widget, it turns off, phone notify switch is turning off, real switch STAYS off.

So, to summarize that, i need 1 click to have the toggling on the real switch done, then i need another click to have the widget syncronize with it, and be ready for next toggle.

This with or without persistent notifications.
Widgets, for me, are mandatory. I need them to have HA used by wife and her sister on the second floor.


Hi @Ionut, is there any chance to add a “clear cache” option for UI web mode? I think this could be a great feature, because I use a lot of images and always change something from it. And the only way to update this changes is clearing cache from app properties, butdoing this, I have to reconfiguring Ariela again…


Now i understand, this will be fixed on the next release.

This will be fixed on the next release.

Regarding widget switch, the main problem seems to be that the image of the switch is not highlighted as the current state of the switch. I will do some investigations regarding this.

I will investigate this.


Not only. If it was only the image of the switch highlighted or not, the real switch and phone notification would have be on->off->on->off with every click. But it wasn’t. It was on->on->off->off.

It’s hard to explain better without a video,so i’ve made a small one, but i can’t put it here. If you need it, tell me how i can send it to you.


First of all, thank you very much @Ionut for your GREAT work.
just a quick question: do you have in your roadmap the support for the input_number?
I don’t know if is a bug or if they are simply not yet supported, but they are not shown, only the name is visible, but not the value.



The input_number view will be supported in the version i will release today.


Hello all,
Version 1.2.7 is out.
What’s new:

  • added support for input number view
  • fix issue when brightness of lights is set with delay
  • update image for glance entities
  • support groups in card entities
  • fixed crash when freeing MQTT call sensor


Ehm… now the glance-switch behaviour is more odd.

Back to my glance card

  1. I click on the first lamp icon (Luce Garage)
  2. Icon caption text turns to “on”, real switch turns on, but icon stays gray.
  3. from now on, until i refresh the UI dragging it down and releasing, every other click i do in that switch, will open back again the boolean window
  4. i then click the second lamp (Luce Portone)
  5. The icon caption text turns to “on”, real switch turns on, and BOTH LAMP icons turns yellow.


  1. i click again “luce garage” to turn it off. Ui will open the boolean switch. I turn it off.
  2. icon caption text turns to “off”, real light turns off, icon color stays yellow.
  3. I click gain “luce portone” to turn it off. Ui will open the boolean switch. I turn it off.
  4. icon caption text turns to “off”, real light turns off, BOTH icon color turns gray.

If i try the same procedure with the switch “Piantana”, besides it opens the boolean from second click until UI refresh, it does the yellow/gray in the right way