Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


which are the recommended app for this?


yes same for me: sometimes it turns ON and sometimes gives more-info, very strange behaviour (1.2.7)


I will investigate

Not sure what you mean.

I will investigate.


Just had another idea :slight_smile:

Implement a way to force a device GPS position update via the app AND via a widget.
(bonus : allowing Home Assistant, to ask for an updated position)

My use case : sometimes device position is not updated quickly enough (to save battery) and i just do not want to wait for my automations to trigger :slight_smile:


Yes i could do that, but Ariela must be running in background (permanent notification enabled) in order to process the event from HA


Same to open apps, or turn on screen, right ?

Another way to do it might be to wake up the app via a specific Firebase Notification.
(specific text in text notification = command)
Opens a whole lot of other possibilities (and might be better than current way)


I like your idea, this is something that i can do :smiley:


I realized that you are sending an object with trough firebase, you could just add a property specific for commands (and not use text as a trigger).
that would be a clean way to do this.

BTW : i just noticed that : (you are using the old one)


I am seeing this also. There seems to be a number of issues with switches and how they display and how difficult it is to turn them on and off. I think more work is needed on this.
Having said that, what a great app and well done for progressing this so fast. After a short review I now have the Pro version as I think this is going in the right direction and I would like to support that.

I am in the same position as Kedryn though with regards to the switches and do go back to the standard web version often. Would be great to fix these as it this is a fundamental user action which needs to be stable to be a daily driver.


In the latest version, I believe it’s 1.2.7, I observed the following bugs using my Lovelace UI:

  • Whereas in previous versions, a badge’s long title would be truncated (“Indoor Temp…”) in this version the badge’s full title auto-scrolls horizontally. I dislike this ‘marquee effect’ and prefer it to be truncated (as also done in the web view).

  • The badges that lacked values or icons (that I mentioned earlier in this thread) are unchanged; they still lack values or icons.

  • The conditional card is not rendered.

  • In a light’s popup menu, changing its brightness, via the slider, now correctly updates the state of its power toggle. However, if you proceed to move the toggle from on to off, the brightness slider is not updated and remains at its previous level.

For my Frontend UI, its problems remain unchanged (only one of two tab pages is rendered; the first one containing all entities is missing).


From my previous post about the state of switches/lights I thought I would provide some examples.

I turned on the Lamp in the above but the icon is still grey. This should be yellow.
I then turned my phone off for approx 45 minutes. When I turned the phone back on the app connected to my network and loaded the dashboard.

The above now showed the Lamp icon as yellow but it also showed both the Reading Light and Hall Light as yellow and these were not turned on.

I then opened the Lamp to view the details and noticed that the Lamp brightness slider is at 0 although the Lamp was on at approx 50%

Above the slider is at 0 and the Lamp is on at 50%

It would be great if you can look into these issues as the UI and status of switches/lights are a fundamental area that really needs to be right.


I’m having a bit of trouble getting the device tracker to work. In Settings, I’ve got device tracker enabled via GPS with the default settings. My device shows up in Hassio (device_tracker.pixel3) but it never updates. It’s always Away and the Source Type is blank.

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong here…


Make sure you set your home network in the settings. Also make sure you configure external connections to home assistant.


I have those both set up already but re-did them both to see if it worked. I guess it won’t send an update until I’m away from home so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it works.


I will do more investigations and fix the issue.

I will add an setting option that will disable the effect.

Can you you send me the log please?

I will fix this in the next version

Thank you for the screenshots and example. I will fix this issue on the next release.

Can you send me the logs regarding this issue?

Please let me know if you succeeded or not.



Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added settings option to turn off text scrolling
  • better switch handling


I have noticed a couple of other issues in the UI. This is with version and HA version 85.1

  1. Motion Sensor icons are not changing colour when the sensor is turned on.
  2. Two of my light switches are flickering in different positions on a card with no interaction from the user, eg. Lamp should be top of the list but changes position with Reading Light, then changes back again. This continues to happen.


For me, my “Luce Garage” does nothing, no on/off, no gray/yellow change, no real light turning on/off
But the “luce Portone” instead, is working as it should.

i have strange Ui flckerings.


Then few secs later


And so on…


me too: on media_player on/off switch, on some lights, like its polling or something?


Without these UI issues being resolved it is difficult to use the app as a daily driver. I would really welcome some fixes in these areas and some stability in order to use the app.
There are some great features in the app but are these in detriment to stability?
Keep up the great work.