Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Hello everybody,

I will work in the fallowing days for improving the stability of the UI and its functionality. I am sorry for inconvenience, but i will fix the issues very soon.
Thank you again for the support.


Thank you Ionut. Look forward to using this as my main app following your updates.



For all those who had Ariela rendering issues please try with this version and let me know if at least an improvement you see:

Note that this is still a work in progress so please let me know any issues you find.
Thank you.


Hi, here are some results of a few tests on the new apk you posted.

  • The motion sensor icon is still not changing to yellow and picking up when motion is triggered is a lot slower than the web app.
  • The flickering on the card between Lamp and Reading Light looks like it has been fixed
  • The brightness control on the light switches still opens at 0. I have also seen that sometimes when tapping on the light switch to open the pop up the brightness slider is completely missing.
  • There are still many difficulties turning on switches both from the card and from the pop-up. Sometimes the switch is shown as on but the light is not and vice versa.
  • It is not showing multiple lights coloured yellow when only one is switched on so looks like that one is fixed
    Hope this helps. I will do another post for another issue I have found


Thank you very much for testing, it really helps. Can you send me again the logs so i can investigate the brightness problem? Thank you.


Here is a further issue that I have found. This was found in your version
For my sonos media player if I select the three dots on the right to bring up the details panel the sonos will start playing without me selecting play. If you stay on the panel the sonos with intermittently pause and play with no interaction from the user. The panel changes from play and pause and does send the command to the sonos. I have also noticed that it plays the song for a few seconds and then jumps back to the beginning of the song. This continues until you close the panel. This part was found in the new apk you posted.

This one really needs to be fixed as I and other users would not be able to use this.
I will send you the logs.


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • faster icons loading after first install
  • UI / entities changes should be more stable now
  • other fixes
  • better shopping card stability
  • better UI functionality

Please let me know any issues you find. Thank you


Hi. I still have problem with device tracking. Maybe it is just me but should it work while ariela is closed ? I mean I have set to track by wifi and it does not track device when ariela is closed.

Is it just my problem?

Thank You it is great app!!!


This issue is still present in Regarding my post 1126. It seems to be a problem when the details pop up is open. After a few seconds in jumps back to the beginning of the song.
I will send you updated logs for this one.

I have also noticed that on the media player (using lovelace) the Play/Fwd/Rev buttons are far to close together and often trying to pause the player will result in skipping to the next or previous track.


The lovelace Gauge Card renders OK but the progress is not correctly reporting. See the screenshot below.


It should work even if Ariela its closed, but because of the way Android Oreo and later handles things, it would be better if you enable permanent notification(ariela will run in background). In this way updates will be made much quickly. If this still not works, what you can do is close Ariela, and from your HA delete your phone from known_devices.yaml and restart HA. After that go to Ariela and disable / enable device tracker.
Please let me know if works.

The issues will be fixed on the next release. Thank you very much for the logs.

This issue will be fixed on the next release.


Thank you. Is there an option coz I haven’t found it to see notification history? It would be nice to have that option.


There is not option regarding this, but i will add it to my TODO list.


Thank you I think it would help



Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: added vacuum entities support
  • fixed issue when display gauge card
  • fixed media player buttons UI display
  • fixed entity button card display & update issue
  • fixed light panel brightness update
  • fixed advanced dialog display issue for lights entities
  • fixed crash when clicking picture glance card


Thanks for the new version.
I have another issue to report for you.
Looking at my Cameras which are configured in a lovelace picture-glance card the camera icon is not displaying correctly.

This is what it should look like which is taken from the normal web app on my phone.

In addition to the above the camera does take a long time to load.


Please send me your card configuration so i can reproduce and it will be fixed in short time. Thank you.


Hi Ionut,

Here is the config from the card. There are two cameras.


  • camera_image: camera.foscam
    • camera.foscam
      title: Foscam
      type: picture-glance
  • camera_image: camera.y_cam
    • camera.y_cam
      title: Ycam Front
      type: picture-glance
      id: e891006b595c44dd954a66fa55c25052
      type: horizontal-stack


Hi @Ionut trying to get the MQTT Battery sensor working but looks like we need to use json_attributes_topic but then i can’t list the attributes. Any ideas?


Thank you.

You can still use json_attributes for now (its only deprecated , not removed). In the future i will add support for json_attributes_topic in Ariela (maybe next week).