Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Hello all,

Version is out:
What’s new:

  • added shopping list in the left menu
  • added notifications support
  • fixed picture glance tint icon issue
  • fixed crash when entering vacuum advanced dialog


Hi Ionut,

Random rearranging of devices (at least for lights) seems to be fixed.

Media players, however, still have the “group.playermedia player.” suffix.

Generic thermostats are not showing (although the switches that are controlled by the thermostats appear in the app).


Can you show a screenshot from the app and one from web ui?

Please send the logs from Ariela and also a screenshot of how its shown in Ariela / web ui

I am glad to hear that


Hello all,

A new future that will be available tomorrow: ability to edit directly from Ariela entities names & icon. This will be realizable by long pressing the item and a dialog will be shown that will allow modifying those properties.


Hello @Ionut, loved the “lights” update: now they don’t flicker anymore or switch names between them! Perfect!

Just a couple questions:

  • Ariela Pro is still not supported in Android TV, right?
  • What are your plan on supporting custom lovelace cards? I’m using lots of those (like weather card, fold entity row, swiper cards), and they inevitably breaks the android rendering.
  • What are your plans for Android Wear? Do you think that it would be possible to use the standard Ariela app as a companion to customize which entities show on the smartwatch?

Thanks again for your great work!


Android TV will be available in both Ariela PRO and Ariela FREE. In theory, Ariela could function even now on Android TV, but it will have the current UI. What i have in plan is to make Ariela take advantage of the Android TV style. I believe Android TV will be supported until 15 February

Current plan regarding lovelace cards is to implement and support at least all the official cards that are supported by Home Assistant. After that, based on the demand, custom cards will be implemented.

For the Android Wear i am planning to show / group entities based on the UI selected in Ariela. Meaning, if you have for example lovelace, it will display first all lovelace views (tabs) and when you will select such view it will display all the entities from that tab. Also, i have in plan adding for Android Wear a favorite section where you will get there most used entities.

Thank you very much for the support to you and everybody else who is having Ariela.


I am not able to get autostart to work for me on a reboot. Is there a setting that I need to enable to have the pro version autostart?


Seems that you are right. I will add such function to my TODO list


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added possibility to edit entity name & icon
  • add ability to edit name & icon for tabs (non lovelace mode)
  • do not show keyboard when entering shopping activity
  • shopping activity UI improvements
  • fixed light lovelace card issue (it was clickable outside its display)
  • allow sending empty alarm codes


Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: add support for water heater entities
  • add possibility to change number of columns on which cards can be shown
  • add possibility to edit entity picture
  • added instruction message when enabling debug mode
  • show advanced entity dialog when long pressing lovelace light card
  • toggle light entity when clicking on the light image from lovelace light card
  • add scroll view on server configuration in order to properly display all items on devices with lower resolution


You are a machine!

Thanks for the ongoing work.


Thank you very much, i am glad you like my work.
Also a little teaser for tomorrow update: HORIZONTAL-STACK lovelace card support.


Used it and loved it. Couldn’t get it to work over my VPN for some reason but that was probably network related.
I mainly wanted to use the WearOS app, to change states on my watch but that’s currently unusable as it shows everything in one big list, even items that aren’t in use on the webpage. But I see a few posts above that there are some plans on the horizon for it, love that!

Keep up the good work, as it is a bummer that there is no official app like for IOS and Ariela is by far the best one I found. Planning on going for the pro version later.


I am glad to hear you like it. Maybe you can send me the logs so i can check why is not connecting via VPN.

Indeed in short time an update for WearOS will be available which should group entities more nicely.

Well, maybe we can make Ariela be the official app :smiley:


I approve!

I guess it has to do with my DNS-server. I connect to home.assistant:8123 in my house, but via VPN this doesn’t work (don’t know why, it’s a Fritzbox thing I think). Planning on moving to another VPN solution in the future and will try again then. In the meantime I’ll try in the app with the IP-address and see what that does. Will provide logs if it shouldn’t work :).


entity-button are too big IMO, they take one full column in portrait and 2 in landscape (and too many rows). In portait should be like 3 buttons if not 4


I have in plan on making those half size. I believe next version will include this fix.


Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added support for lovelace horizontal cards
  • fix title display for lovelace Gauge card
  • make entity-button lovelace card smaller
  • change notification name from FCM notification to Push Notifications
  • change Ariela Notification channel to “On-Going Notification”
  • support for custom icons in glance cards
  • support for custom names in glance cards
  • support for hiding status of entities in glance cards
  • support for camera_image tag in picture entity card (lovelace)


Hello Ionut,
First of all, thank you for this great app and the effort you put into it.
I have some small display problems with a few sensors, more precisely with the motion and door sensors. The do not display the correct icon when Ariela is in Lovelace mode.

But they do look ok (and they change state) if I access from a browser.

Anything you can do about this?
Mulțam fain :wink:


Hello, i am glad you like the app. Regarding the icons, today’s update should contain a fix for that. Can you please check?
Thank you,