Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


I would like to see the motion icons change when the state changes. I reported this some time ago and would really love a fix as it is hard looking at the text (on/off) and not the icon.


I am running the latest version and no change on the icons.


Please send me the logs using version and i will investigate.

Please send me the logs using Thank you.


Logs sent for the motion icon not changing state.


Since I can only see one of my cameras that are configured as a Horizontal Stack Card.
The lovelace details are

  • camera_image: camera.foscam
    • camera.foscam
      title: Foscam
      type: picture-glance
  • camera_image: camera.y_cam
    • camera.y_cam
      title: Ycam Front
      type: picture-glance
      id: e891006b595c44dd954a66fa55c25052
      type: horizontal-stack

In the previous version, the cameras displayed OK?

Only one camera displayed, the Ycam is mssing.
I have sent you the logs.


What happen if you scroll left from that camera? Horizontal stack means that all entities in that card are stacked horizontally.


Yes, I can see by swiping left the other camera. User error I guess! Thanks.


Thank you for confirmation :slight_smile:



Version is out.
What’s new:

  • fixed invalid URL for connection
  • add support for binary sensor icons


Very nice! could I propose an feature request?
When Lovelace UI is enabled - Setting an base URL for reloads - like /lovelace/shopping?kiosk


Can you explain this a little more?


Sure - When you load up lovelace, by tefault you load up the first fiew - wich is in most cases the card home-assistant card. A few weeks back it was /0
while edeting the Lovelace tabs you can set an URL path and visit this card directly with /lovelace/path

And you can add additinal plugins to lovelace like the Kiosk-Mode or maybe many others wich I dont use :wink:

In my case I use an old phone directed to the front door as : Weather card / Subway countdown / Alarm panel / Ip camera

When I put the device to sleep and fire it back on via the mqtt switch it reloades the default view - as well when it looses connection to HA


I understand now, i will add this to my TODO list.


Hello everybody,

Ariela is on facebook now:

You can use the page to post issues, improvements, other ideas.


First some feedback: So Ariela still doesnt work on my Sony Smartwatch 3 - Android Wear 1.5…the circle just spins indefinately…I use Lovelace UI. What am I doing wrong? I would really like to toggle lights from the watch for coolness factor.

Secondly, could you please theme the darksky thing to be white instead of black…Also could you make that the picture inside the iframe card resizes on the mobile screen, see attached screenshots:

And a feature request, it seems that dark themes are very popular nowadays, could you please add a few more?
Thank you!


Ah. I noticed this too


I will investigate the issue.

This will be fixed on the next release.

I will add more themes. :slight_smile:


Hello all

Version 1.2.8 is out.
What’s new:

  • add posibility to create persistent notifications
  • small UI changes regarding RTL
  • updated polish translation
  • Dark Sky card UI change when using black theme
  • fixed crash when showing camera fullscreen in glance cards

Please test it and let me know how it goes.


Hello @Ionut,

After bothering you on the weekend I managed to use the auto-detection and now it’s working as intended.

I’ve recently switched to using “panel: true” in every view in my ui-lovelace.yaml, in order to use the full UI with a combination of “horizontal” and “vertical” stack: even if i choose “1 Column” in your app, it still shows just the first one, and if I swipe right I can see the other columns, but everything get truncated at the length of the first card in the first column.

If you want I can provide you my ui-lovelace.yaml file.

Thanks again for your great app - most of the times it’s me messing stuff up :stuck_out_tongue:


Great to see that the icons for binary sensors are now changing colour on state change. Thanks for doing this, it really makes a difference.
I see the text colour on Darksky is now white but only for some of the card? The icons and text on the left of the card are still black text.

Thanks for all your efforts on these fixes.