Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Well this is how it’s intended. The column is for cards only and not for “sub cards” (in this case the horizontal cards). Maybe i will add a new setting that will handle sub cards also.

You’re right, those images are not changing color for now. I will add this fix to my TODO list.


Hello there :slight_smile:

If you want to i can help for the french translation of the app !

Thanks for the great work


Thank you very much, i will send the english file via PM.


Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added sensors as badges in states UI
  • enable zoom controls in Lovelace IFrame cards
  • fix dark sky rendering issues when using dark themes
  • update romanian translation
  • support for weather lovelace card


Hi @Ionut,
First of all, thanks for your great work with Ariela.
I use the UI view with lovelace, but I have some problems when I minimize the app and open it again. Sometimes, buttons stop working, or some images dissapear from page… I need to close app and open it again, it’s a little annoying.
Other thing, It’s when I change some image or JS file, there is no way to clean cache, for images and files stored in Web UI, so I need to ERASE all data in the app (incluide connection config, and all setting from Ariela). Is there a way to add a “clean cache” feature?
And finally, on web UI, then you turn the phone, Ariela reload the page… maybe this could be an option, but in my case, I don’t like it so much…

Well, thanks again for your great work!!


From what you are saying you use the Ariela + web ui correct?
If so i will add these issues to my TODO list.


Yes, I’m using Web UI and Lovelace option from settings. Thanks!!


Nice so most things should be fixed, I will test today the latest version :slight_smile: and let you know…What about Android Wear, when should we expect some new test versions :slight_smile:


An update for Android Wear will be available sometime this week.

Issues added to my TODO list. Maybe next week will be fixed.


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: Developer Tools services
  • Horizontal-Stack lovelace card: show items at half width if multiple items
  • do not restart the app if orientation changed


Man you work hard at this. Thanks. I suspect you have no life given the amount of coding you do. I mean that in a nice way, it is to our advantage :slight_smile:


Indeed i spend a lot of time fixing / adding new features to Ariela. If you wish to support developing please use the Patreon or buy Ariela PRO so it can be my advantage too :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, has been created. Here you can find english string file (you can use it to create translations for other languages). Also you can use this repository to create / watch issues.


I bought the pro version a few weeks ago. Appreciate your work.


Thank you very much for the support.


Awesome app!

How can you achieve these media cards I saw on your FB page?:


This is on my TODO list. Its a custom media player card for lovelace.


These look like mini media player. Support for these would be really welcome as I use these for all my media players.


The Iframe thing is not really fixed…the iframes with the pictures dont remember their zoom extent and the Windy one with embeddable weather map which was before okay is now totally borked and the zoom function doesn’t function on the Windy one.
So perhaps it would be best if you revert to old behaviour.

If I use the Web-ui it is good. Gonna use that for the time being. Looking forward to Wear update :).


Hello all,
Version is out.

What’s new:

  • the setup process has been refactored (much easier setup)
  • fix display issue with entity-filter card
  • some refactoring of the code
  • revert zoom “fix” for IFrame lovelace cards
  • make horizontal-stack cards act as horizontal


Thank you so much for this update!