Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


I did Norwegian translation, but I’m a github noob. So be careful. I made a pull request, but it seems it will try to replace the original english file = bad idea.


You’re welcome

Thank you very much, it would be integrated in the next release.

LE: I added all available languages to the repository. From there anyone can add new language, or translate existing ones.


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added norvegian localization
  • fix issue with duplicate badges in states UI mode


My gosh man!! Android Wear too??!!!
… You are an EFFING MACHINE!! :astonished:


Thanks again for all the hard work and long hours.


Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • fixed crash when using web ui mode
  • new Android Wear of displaying the entities


I just reinstalled to try and get Android Wear app available.

That went OK but now if I try to turn on Firebase Notifications (I had them setup before) it restarts the app as soon as I click on the toggle in settings

Any ideas ?


Ignore that, just restarted my phone and it works fine now


If it happend once then we have a problem. Please enable debug mode and send me the logs. Thank you.


Hi, sent you the logs, thanks


New teaser for the next update: support for backgrounds when using lovelace UI:


Hi Ionut,

I noticed that since few updated if I use some particular wifi (like when I’m at work) I can’t connect to my HA using ariela. This is a new behavior because it happens just since few weeks.


Please send me the log so i can investigate.


Here are a few observations based on my initial testing of version

Popup control for a light continues to have problems. If the light is on, attempts to turn it off using the brightness slider will result in the light turning off then immediately turning itself back on.

  1. The missing conditional card, that I mentioned several versions ago, continues to be missing.
  2. The template sensor’s value is also a no-show.
  3. Font sizing is inconsistent.
  4. Custom icons are not shown.

Group switches are not shown.

90% of these glitches are the same as the ones I posted previously. I’ve already uploaded three debug logs (featuring these glitches) … so I won’t be uploading another one.


Its hard for me to test the fix for this issue since i do not own a device that i can use to test, but i will do my best to fix it.

These will be fixed on next release.

This is added to my TODO list.

For this i will need the logs so i can investigate.

If you can upload one more log that will be great. I know that maybe i am asking a lot, but in order to fix things i need the help of you and everybody else Thank you for understanding.


Wear still doesn’t work, same rotating circle…:frowning:


I’ve submitted several logs already and they were for the same issues I just mentioned. Have at look at this post made 24 days ago. Missing conditional card, missing custom icons, spacing and font-size issues, missing value in template sensor’s badge, etc.

Now that Lovelace is the default UI, I’ve given up waiting for a correction to the bug that affects me most, namely Ariela fails to render my non-Lovelace UI. That was the first issue I ever reported (and supplied a debug log). It was never resolved and, I suspect, never will be.

With all due respect to you and all your hard work, I hope you can understand that there’s no incentive for me to continue supplying debug logs because the issues I’ve raised have not been adequately addressed. In fact, I no longer plan to test each release (in hope of finding my issues resolved) and will revisit it a much later date.

I wish you luck with Ariela’s development. It’s shaping up to be a great product and, undoubtedly, the issues I’ve identified will be eventually fixed.


Hi Ionut,

Could you add support for color wheel card (different from light card as it always show the color wheel regardless if the light is on or off)?


I try to prioritize problems based on severity and demand. Some things will be available sooner , others later. Hope you understand this.

For the moment Ariela will try to support only official cards supported by Home Assistant. I hope you understand that there are so many custom cards and i cannot afford to invest so many time in supporting all those custom cards. Of course, some of custom cards can be implemented based on how easy to implement are and also popularity. Some will not be implemented.

It’s your decision if you do not want to upload logs anymore, i respect that.

Thank you very much, i am sure Ariela is a great product and will be better over time.

I will add this to my TODO list.


If you cant get the current Wear implementation to work, maybe a dedicated MQTT Wear app would also be cool :slight_smile: