Ariston NET and Aqua Ariston NET remotethermo integration

Please check out:

It is my first intergation, so please don’t judge too much :slight_smile:


I just started to use your integration. It seems promising. I will test it and write some feedback if you want.
I noticed only one little mistake. The holiday bninary sensor name appear as Hiliday :slight_smile:
It’s in the binary sensor file, line 33.

Thanks for your work!


Thanks for noticing spelling fault, it is fixed now. I’m open to a good feedback, so sure, would be nice if you could test it. My intention to have it in a good shape and hopefully in official release at some point.
If there are question of why something was done the way it is, i’ll try to answer them.
I only recently started working with Python and http requests so there might be imperfections :slight_smile:

Great integration! Keep up a good worked. I opened an issue as 2 values are not present. I hope you can fix it. I will be very greatful!

Technically other sensors i would treat as an improvement rather than issue :slight_smile:
But i have added them, please try the new version if new sensors work fine (it’s equipment-dependent which i do not have).

So far it seems working fine.
But I have discovered something that may can be a bug or a feature, I don’t know.
When I set the desired temperature in the climate entity, it changes the comfort temperature of the boiler, and changes the boilers working mode to manual setting.
If I set it back on my real thermostat to run as scheduled (or from original app), the comfort temperature will stay at where I set in homeassistant.
I don’t know the api(is it shared somewhere?), so I can’t tell if there is a different walue for manual setting temperature.

Do you think is it possible to make something working like the app? So if you set anything in hass integration in climate entity it will just change a temporary desired temperature and not my scheduled one’s comfotr temperature?

I do not have any Ariston documentation and figure out on the go how different systems work. Also Home Assistant limits what entities can actually do.

Can you clarify how do you change parameters? Did you change icon to “fire” or is it “calendar” one?
One is “heating” (manual) and other is “auto” (scheduled). I can only select from small range of HVAC modes, no freedom to add additional ones.
Presets in climate give some freedom with “off”, “summer”, “winter” etc.
Expectation is that change of temperature only should not change other settings, so i want to make sure no other settings were changed.
You may also check that after 1 minute of connection “winter” etc. and “manual” etc. matches in web application and Home Assistant (refresh web application just in case before comparing them)

Good integration, thx for you work.
Work for my with Ariston Clas Evo.
Thank you.

great that it is being used

Thanks for sharing your work.

Hello! I’m new to this community and I want to learn … I face the same problem when I want to add this add-on.
Can’t read json from /data/addons/git/5189a7ea/repository.json: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/data/addons/git/5189a7ea/repository.json’
I think I don’t have something installed or I don’t know how to do it properly.

Sorry, i don’t understand exactly what the issue is and if it has something in common with the integration. Integration does fetch data from github in latest versions to check if updated version exists but it is completely different repository from provided one.

First of all, thanks for sharing your work.

is it possible to install this addon in Hassio?

Thank you

This is not an add-on for Hasio but a custom component for its core part (Home Assistant itself) and can only be installed by copying files to custom components folder and adding information into configuration.yaml file. It should work on Hasio version or just stand alone Home Assistant.

Newly written version was created on separate github repository:

The reason for this is to prepare dedicated API, which later can be potentially included in Home Assistant as an official integration (at least that is what i hope).
Please check it out and send feedback.


Good job, Thank you.

Some tweaks were made to the integration:

Also new integration was created for Aqua Ariston Net application:

And dedicated API was created (which is used in both):

With corresponding pypi version:

I was planning to start process of somehow including it in official release, but it is a very slow process due to my lack of knowledge, so if anyone wants to help, please do so.

Really nice integration.
Works here with the Velis Wi-Fi.
I’ve had to create a folder aqua_http_logs at the /
I didn’t check the code yet.


Please note that i have Ariston Clas Evo (so no support of Aqua Ariston NET application, nor some functions of other boilers) nor i have Hassio (i use core version in docker). There is no documentation, everything was done based on reverse engineering. Most verification is done on other’s people systems. So you might encounter issues and most likely you would have to verify changes on your system :slight_smile:

As for common question: errors like “get… Problem reading data” might be normal if you have internet connection problems or occasionally (integration connects to remote server, which connects to the boiler over multiple routers and server might have issues, network might be unstable, boiler might take longer to reply etc.). Such warnings might indicate an issue if some data is valid but specific request permanently fails.

Very nice integration I’m new owner of Ariston Velis Wi-Fi. I have question is there a way to make it as climate integration? Now it isn’t a simple way to show this in nice Thermostat Lovelace card it would be nice if boiler will be visable in home assistant as thermostat :slight_smile: Or maybe someone have code of a card where it will look nicer?