Arlo Pro 2: no Camera entity (sensors work)

I’m going to post in this thread, since I have a similar problem as in this one.
Actually, I was able to resolve some thanks to this thread and also more googling. But I think I have a different Issue.

My entities didn’t show up, but now the sensors do.

But no camera. I am a complete noob, and everything I have done so far, was thanks to detailed information found on this board.

So I’ve set up the arlo successfully in my config, also the TFA is working.
But yeah, I have a tons of sensors (that work in lovelace) but just no camera entity.

Any ideas?

I have a Arlo Pro 2 Setup. Base Station is also there, as an entity.

Ok here it is. I missed this in my config:

  - platform: aarlo
    ffmpeg_arguments: '-pred 1 -q:v 2'

don’t understand the ffmpeg part, just copied blindly

Works now.