ASEKO pool controller

Anyone else running one of the ASEKO pool controllers, and maybe want to collaborate on an add-on?

I have extracted all the useful JSON-data, and it requires signing in and storing a cookie. Have no experience in writing an add-on myself.


I unfortunately have no experience creating an add-on for home assistant. I would however love it if you could share the steps for obtaining the JSON-data.

Of course I can share the steps. It’s not all that pretty, but it works stable. Just need some time to sum it up.

I have a heat pump to my pool and the App is called Alsavo pro is that the same?

Sorry mate, I mislead you. No, ASEKO pool controller is not the same. I’ll make another post for the heat pump :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the Alsavo thread :slight_smile:
Alsavo Pro heat pump - Development - Home Assistant Community (

That would be great, much appreciated, thanks

An integration with Aseko pool controller would indeed be great. Is there a sort of vote for new functionality?