AU certified devices that work natively

I’m looking for any AU electronically certified devices that work with home assistant without flashing. I don’t want to use tasmota or esphome. Just integrate through its own firmware.

Something like what sonoff does through the AlexIT addon.

Does the tuya integration do the same? And if so, does it still need internet to work or is it local?

Also in the attached image you can see at the bottom a “Smart-Life” logo. Is that the Tuya integration I should look for? Else, how can I know if something is HA compatible?

There is a very long thread that discusses this.

Have you tried search??

Thanks. I did see that. Although the thread starts with one intention partially about what I’m asking here, it leads into 1 single provider of Zigbee devices, followed by an argument about what is “Australian Certified”.

How’s your list going?
I’m in the same boat.

This is a far as it went…

I came across these AU Plugs pre-flashed with esphome and priced reasonably. I ordered 6x and it came about $20 AUD a pop including shipping. There is a 15% black Friday discount going on right now.

esphome pre-flashed AU plugs