Audio Container

This is just a minor problem and it is related to supervisor and the audio container which gets spawned by supervisor…
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I‘m super stoked that the generic linux install is not being left unsupported!
However, I have setup 10-15 sites with HA and only ever had one single point of failure:
HA Audio Addon

I’m not the only one experiencing problems with ONLY this container:
there‘s a whole bunch of people having all sorts of problems with this container:

most notably this bug where Users complain that they searched for the cause of the Problem FOR MONTHS - and the Issue just gets Closed because apparently nobody cares:

The only Argument thus far for this Container:

It provides a dummy audio output in those cases, to ensure an audio device can be expected.

→ You can Pipe out to a fake Audio Sink in any Linux to /dev/null or whatever
No need for a separate whole container which bugs Peoples setup and nobody finds the Cause.

Pretty much 90% of people don’t even use audio output on SBCs afaik
So my question remais:

WHY oh WHY can’t Supervisor be made to work without this monstrosity of a container?
There is even a SEPARATE user created docker container to fix this badly behaving container:

I have one particular setup monitored with Grafana and can show you what happens when this Container fails: HDD writes up to 150MB every 5 minutes for restarting the damn thing.
I thought HA would care about SD Cards, everywhere they warn about wear leveling and the recorder being a culprit at some point. Nah - it’s this audio container!
Screenshot is following as soon as I get access to the stats.

This is how I deal with this unfixable-yet-HA/Supervisor-refuses-to-start-without-it container:

sleep 60 && docker image rm --force homeassistant/armv7-hassio-audio:17 > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Which results in this verty beautiful Supervisor Log:

… still better than this container which I have no use of.

PLEASE make this thing optional. I don’t care if there’s a Flag in Supervisor where I can disable it or just make a separate Addon. What do we have those addons for if they are Mandatory? Just really makes no sense to me, maybe I’m the only one though by looking at the GH Issues I’m not.

The reason for people to want this option, is for having other things running on their host system, which is not supported by Home Assistant. If one needs such functionality, using VMs or separate devices is advised.

Nevertheless, a contribution for making this configurable, is always welcome. However, no-one made one.

Challenge Accepted.


You can safe your time. Without pretty good reason for ADR0014 or ADR0015 - nothing will be merged with disable plugins. You should move over your installation to Container aka ADR0013

well then you can just aswell delete this thread.

Still wondering why we have addons and plugins when some of them seemingly are required anyway

Because plugins and add-ons are different things.