Audio (microphone) Support for a Video Doorbell Integration

Hi, i have succesfuly integrated a DIY Doorbell in my Home Assistant like in this thread : “DIY Smart Doorbell with Android notifications - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community (”.

The Project uses the doorpi-card (same as doordroid-card: DoorDroid installation · rdehuyss/DoorDroid Wiki · GitHub but uses a SIP implementation rather then using WebRTC),

Both Projects works very well for me as far as i use normal Web Browsers to access the Lovelace Interface with these custem doorpi or doordroid cards. Audio and Video works without any Problem. But if i use the Home Assistant Companion App - then i receive the Question to allow the App the use of the microphone, which i confirm. After that i receive the following error Message : “check media device permissions on media and origin”.

Is there any Chance to use the Mikrophone in the Companion App for this ? That would be great.

Cheers Sascha

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