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Hi @lewisbenge, which instructions did you try to follow?

Mainly the blog post here: I’ve had no luck with any type of serial communication from the MCU. I’ve just flashed to ESPHome to see if I could at least get the light working. It’s a little annoying, as the OOB firmware was working and it’s fully installed (which included cutting off one of the standard connectors) so returning it is not really an option.

I didn’t buy the Brilliant fan controller from Bunnings, so my blog post may be based on different hardware. Have you tried a few more combinations of pin assignments to Rx and Tx (

I’ve just installed a new Brilliant Bahama smart ceiling fan and after initially using Tasmota 8.3.1 decided to give ESPHome 1.5.x (current dev version) a go, and it works quite well for fan and light. I’ll write up on the weekend what I’ve done, maybe that approach works with your fan controller…

Dumb question for the more electrically minded, just want to double check that this would work before I purchase things and get the sparky in.

If I could get a 4 gang version of these (or similar that can be ESPHome/Tasmota converted), would they be a viable replacement in my bathrooms. I have a 4 switches at the moment, with normal light, fan and then 2 lots of heat lamps. Would they be able to handle the current from the heat lamps to be able to turn on before my shower on these brisk mornings? I assume yes since they should be like-for-like replacement but I just want to double check before I continue.

Would these also be able to handle ceiling fans with lights controlled by remotes? At the moment I have 2 main fans that have remote controls, with then just a single switch which controls power, and the remote can turn the fans and light on independently. Could I get a single version of this, then use HA to control lights (smart bulbs) and fans (433 Mhz to MQTT which is sort of working via OpenMQTTGateway), or is there something else I would need to do.

Last one, has anyone seen outside power points with automatic control as well? I want to get an outside power point put in as well as part of our Christmas decoration plans, but I would love to be able to have this controlled via HA, so that if the wind picks up for instance, the inflatables automatically come down. I can down this via normal outside power point plus other equipment I already have, but if I can have the control there as well, that would make the WAF even better.

Are these Kogan smart plugs KASPEMHUSBA flashable? I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ve never flashed anything before. I followed a tutorial but I get this message - Device did not appear with the
intermediate firmware. Any help appreciated☹️

Yes. I did a box of four a week ago via the Tuya Convert method.
Edit: I used the 2.3 version on a Pi2B with WiFi dongle and a NodeMCU as the donor device.

That’s good to know … I wonder what I did wrong, I used a rp4 with Buster lite, plugged into ether, with my pixel as the doner device … It should install tasmota by default right? … Or should I use esphome straight up?

It does install tasmota by default. You can do esphome from the outset, both are valid.

What do think was my problem, should I buy a nodemcu and try that?

Take a look at the tuya convert logs.

Hi Philip

I think I had this error while doing the last lot I flashed. Did the device automatically go into pairing mode or did you manually trigger it? I had a couple seemingly timeout if the device did it itself out of the box but not if I did it manually.

I got it to work, I tried again using my laptop as a donor device. My phone wouldn’t stay connected, I think that was the issue.

Dumb question, is this the board I pick for Kogan smart plug - Generic ESP8266?

I used the esphome config from earlier in this thread. It says the board is esp8285.

Standard smart plug in waterproof box


As promised, here the write up of how I flashed the current ESPHome dev version onto a Brilliant Bahama ceiling fan controller:


Hi all,

Bit of topic sorry, but I was hoping if someone knew if Zigbee devices are similar to Zwave where their RF frequencies differ between countries? i.e Do zigbee devices work without these restrictions? Thanks

Nice one! This has definitely peaked my interest after the grid connect ceiling fans seems to be a bust. Just confirming, once the board is powered, the initial flashing is done OTA?

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Hi @exxamalte Did you figure out if the panel heaters could be integrated or flashed? Or maybe @afalzon has?