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Is yours dropping to 165 volts?

Yours is definitely not normal. If another smart plug in the same outlet does not show the issue then it’s the smart plug failing. If they both droop that low you need to get your house wiring checked. And stop using that outlet until then. Dissipating that much power could cause a fire.

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I think i will be after 4 boards as well.

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How did you go fitting it all in? The picture looks like you will go close to having it all fit together nicely

Absolutely keen to get one of these to start with, as we’ve bought one of these fans very recently and found it didn’t work in HA. Looking at replacing the other 3 fans in the house as well so touch wood it all works!

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Nice to know that are interested and that the spare boards won’t all go to waste. I’ve created a new thread for Arlec ceiling fan things: Arlec Grid Connect Ceiling Fans

Has anyone tried the Nue Home range of ZigBee lightswitches and power points, and whether or not they’d work with a Conbee II?

They seem to be reasonably priced for Australian hardware, so wouldn’t mind giving them a go

As the xmas light season approached I saw the DETA 6930HA plug in bunnings which would be perfect for fitting on a powerboard feeding the lights, connecting to HA and enabling the full suite that HA offers. To my great disappointment I was unsuccessful in flashing TASMOTA via Tuya convert so I stripped one of them down. I was even more disappointed to find a TWE2S chip inside which, after some googling, turns out is not ESP8266 and not even flashable via hardwire… bin! Sorry I dont do cloud devices.

I did have some success with other devices though, I purchased Deta 6912HA and 6922HA. Whilst I was still not able to flash OTA using Tuya convert (might have updated software from Tuya), I was able to flash using hard wire method. After some meddling with a multimeter I located the necessary pins, pics shared below.

In both cases I had to connect GPIO0 to GND whilst powering on (plugging in USB from laptop to UART device) and held for ~5s then released. Both units flashed first time and booted straight into wifi connect mode with TASMOTA. a bit of relay cycling (click click) until I applied the correct template but both units are now solid!

hope the pics help


HI, I have managed to flash the 6912 and 6922 but I struggle with the 6930. I could not use TUYA convert and a strip-down of the device does not look like an ESP8266, labelled as TWE2S (not TWE3S as per the other 2)

How did you manage to flash the 6930HA? any advice will be helpful as these are neat little devices

Hi, I’ve bought a Brilliant Smart WiFi A60 dimmable warm white globe from Officeworks (Model# 20889).

I was able to flash successfully with Tasmota and I can navigate to the configuration page, etc, but I can’t for the life of me work out the correct GPIO settings in the Tasmota template. I’ve tried to copy all the other dimmable bulb configurations on the Tasmota page but none of the work (that is, I cannot toggle the bulb on or off).

Does anyone else have one of these bulbs working in HA?



The TYWE2S (you missed the Y) is an ESP8285 which I understand is basically an ESP8266 with 1mb memory, instead of 2mb.

I have successfully flashed TYWE2S’s previously.

I haven’t tried to flash a 6930HA but if it is not working then you may need to isolate the chip in order to serial flash it.

Here is the schematic for the pin-outs, hope this helps:

Good luck.

There is a guide for configuring an unknown device here. Have a go. Once you find the correct GPIO(s) they will be PWM or PWMi (if its only one colour there will only be one GPIO).

Thanks Trevor, I managed to to get it working via the guide (although it did require a little tweaking of the template values that appear on the wiki). Much appreciated.

I’ve uploaded the device info to the Tasmota site for inclusion. For anyone else who might want ot use this light the template is:


Hey all, given that this is the unofficial thread for all things Aussie, I am looking for a solar panel system recommendation that integrates well with HA. It should also be a reputable brand, reliable, etc. Does anyone have any positive experiences they would like to share? Please note I’m not getting a battery

I think @sparkydave has a Fronius inverter that is connected with HA. You can search this thread for more info.

Don’t go Sungrow - local access via Modbus has been removed and their web portal is a bit slow to update (+ no custom component exists) :rage:

I have an SMA inverter and integrates well with HA without any issues. Fronius and SMA appear to be the industry leaders from what I remember.

You are correct! I found the previous discussion.

I have Enphase microinverters which also work really well with Home-Assistant.

Can view production, consumption (assuming you have the consumption CT’s installed) and each individual panel’s generation. Production and Consumption updated every 60 seconds and the panel level generation every 5 minutes.


Awesome, thanks. Generation per panel is an awesome feature.