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Thanks for the thoughts. That’s a good point re ease of replacement/upgrade of the Shellys, hadn’t considered that.

If Shelly had a rotary control option, I would 100% go with Option 2. But I still really like having rotary control for my dimmers, so I started to switch to Mercator dimmers for my dimmable lights.

I started with the smart home stuff years ago, when there were only a few options. I still have a bunch of lights on Fibaro dimmers with bell press mechs. As soon as I found out there were rotary options available, I switched my most used lights over to these.

Hi Markroly, Old thread, but I have the exact same question and wondering if you managed to find a good solution? After a simple wall mounted thermostat that is easy to integrate into HA without having to write a lot of code. thanks in advance. Stuart

Can anyone recommend a good sparky who services inner SE Melbourne? For the smart lighting upgrade I mentioned about 20 posts above, so a sizeable job. Ideally someone who is familiar with Shelly products - don’t need help on the software side, but I figure familiarity with the product will likely make the install quicker / simpler.

Hi @Stuart124
Yes, I ended up going with a Venstar thermostat.

They work exactly like a normal thermostat with buttons and a screen, but they are wifi-connected and feature a local API (And can optionally be cloud connected, but it’s not mandatory). There is also a HomeAssistant integration that allows local control.

I enquired of an Australian Venstar stockist, who advised that as they operate at below 110VAC or 50VDC, then Australian electrical certification is not required.

I’ve been using my Venstar T2000 for about 4 years now and it hasn’t skipped a beat.

Thanks @markroly , appreciate the fast response. cheers Stuart

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Hey guys moved into a new house recently and there was a tuya switch/relay already installed. The switch itself works ok and I can get it to blink with 9 quick taps of the button but the tuya app doesnt find it. Does anyone know how to get it into slow blink mode?|+smart+shopping+|+all+products&utm_medium=cpc&msclkid=b4ded2d8d00c1f9a3bcdb4bf3be317b8&utm_content=Ad+group+%231&utm_source=bing

That manual you linked to says:

If smart device does not automatically
start blinking, hold down the button
until it flashes

yeah, Ive tried that and I get 0 blinks

Is it really a model “21322”?

Yeah, I unscrewed it from the wall