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Plus these:

The sealed box is available in a lot of sizes in ABS or polycarbonate. ABS is slightly cheaper than polycarbonate but does not resist UV as well and is not as strong.


I’d recommend waterproof junction boxes, with gland nuts for cable entry. Oh, see I was beaten to it.

I was reading somewhere that its all a bit complicated and that ventilation and/or a one way moisture valve of sorts is actually important due to “pumping effects” of temperature differences and condensation.

I went with a good coat of nail polish on electronics and ventilation holes on the bottom - I’ve been using these for my solar projects.

Dunno whether it’s really good solution though. Seems ok.

I’ve had four of the project boxes I linked to out in my yard for years. No moisture has ever entered them. They come with a gasket you have to put into the lid. I always make sure the join is at the bottom, no gaps and I run a small bead of silicone grease on it. I also only use outdoor rated cable so no moisture can wick in that way either.

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Yeah I may have wound up in a rabbit hole with that one and probably practically it’s fine.

I think part of the point of some of the things I was reading was that unless it is quite air tight then air comes in and out from suction effects from heat differences and drives condensation. Hence why headlights have special breathers.

Well that’s my fuzzy recollection of it. I’ll see if I can dig up some links.

Edit: Like this. My recollection / understanding was a bit off.

Same experience here with similar Jaycar boxes. No water ingress issues at all.
They do yellow with the UV over time (one of my boxes has been in the sun for the better part of 10 years and is still holding up OK).

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