Australian BOM Rain Radar Card

You can use hacs it’s a custom component available on all install methods. You might be in trouble with the resource you are using?

no mate sorry it does not work in synology docker versions due to synology docker implementation, as well as there is no supervisor module there… i wish i could! anyway, looks like thetRat found the way it is limmited without hacs and looks like he is coming up with a fix to have that working without hacs hope he will succeed… :slight_smile:

Supervisor is for Addons… NOT custom components. HACS is a custom component NOT an addon…


Can you test something for me. I have HACS so it I can’t fully test.
Move all of the files into the directory /www/community/bom-radar-card/ and grab the updated version of bom-radar-card.js from my github repo and see if that then works.

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yeah ! it worked mate! Thaaaaank you!

Cool. I will update the readme later today and put a proper release together. Not that it will effect you.

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off topic but may be you know a way to predict rain in the next 24hours even one is hour is ok. I can now predict it looking at your card now :stuck_out_tongue: ( thanks again for you assistance it is soo awesome to have it handy:slight_smile:) but that is manual job , may be i`m hopeless but precipitation forecasts are useless or im not using it right(too many false alerts). Trying to protect my outdoor furniture to be able to put it undercover before it rains:)

Definitely not something for the radar card. The BOM do have an api though that include 3 hourly rainfall forecast data (the BOM’s mobile app uses it), but at this stage I don’t think anyone has produced an integration that pulls that in as sensors. @BrendanMoran maintains the BOM integration that handles the other data, so I suspect that would be the best place to ask if hourly forecast data could be included.


There is a current request for that but Brendan’s been AWOL for a while now…

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I wrote a PyScript app to get it (using the same format as a weather sensor) - its hardcoded to my location, but that shouldnt be difficult for anyone interested to change

Its a bit quick and dirty - but gets me the data to produce a graph: (dashed line is rain probability, blue is rainfall, red is temp)


V1.3.2b (pre-release) has been published.

It adds all card options to the visual editor. Please report any issues/observations of things not working as expected.
Also includes some minor fixies for panel mode and the square map option.


oh man that looks great , sorry im a noob in HA, how do I install it so i have a sensor to make an automation to infom me about a rain in next 3 hours … ? we probably need to go to another tread to not pollute this one

Probably best for you to ask by posting an issue on @bacco007 github. It’s not related at all to the BOM Radar card.

Is this not working for anyone else today?

The browser console is producing a number of 404 errors related to .png files from the bom site for me.

Yeah I have no rain visible at the moment but it is pissing down. Maps are loading ok.

Radars on the BoM website are ok.

The old radars on the bom site appear to be working ok (i.e. 128 km Melbourne Radar Loop ( ) … The new radar (which this card uses - Melbourne Weather — Bureau of Meteorology ( is not working, even if you zoom out to the entire country.

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Hi all,

It looks like the BoM have changed something. Even their new website at is giving 404 errors for all of the radar tiles. The mobile app seems to be working though so I will try and sniff it’s traffic to see what has changed.

Same for me just over the last few days, the card loads up fine, all the fearuresets work fine, just no actual radar overlay!

actual radar should look like this

V1.3.3 has been released.

The BoM have changed the url’s used to fetch the radar tiles. This fixes it to use the new schema.

Let me know if there are further issues.

Hey Tom are you able to confirm the update works for you.\