Australian BOM Rain Radar Card

Fixed with v1.3.3, update on HACS didn’t show up for me until today. Thank you for your ongoing work.

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No probs. I only released v1.3.3 about 30 minutes ago.

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Yes indeed. Thanks for the fast fix.

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Fixed here too. Thanks.

Hi everyone,
The repository for this card has been relocated to a new GitHub account and v1.3.4 has been released (doco updates only). If you currently have it installed using HACS you will need to go into HACS and remove the old custom repository (the three dots up the top right) and add the new repository and then update the card. The link below has been updated to the new location. Your existing configs will not be lost.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

The new location url for the card is


It was a painless issue free transfer for me.

Look forward to seeing what things you’ll be makin’ :slight_smile:


I’m getting a 404 error when trying to download the update. The makin-things links looks like it’s trying to pull the data from the old repository?

Have you removed the old custom repository and added the new one?
Also I have seen that HACS sometimes gets confused and a restart of HA usually fixes that.

Thanks, I’ve rebooted HA and tried again the two logs errors I get are

Logger: custom_components.hacs
Source: custom_components/hacs/api/
Integration: HACS (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 9:15:50 AM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 9:15:50 AM

No content to download


Logger: custom_components.hacs
Source: custom_components/hacs/helpers/functions/
Integration: HACS (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 9:15:44 AM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 9:15:44 AM

<Plugin theOzzieRat/bom-radar-card> GitHub returned 404 for

But have you removed the old custom repo? Inside HACS the three dots up the top right → Custom Repositories. Then choose the garbage tin next to the BOM Radar card. Once deleted add the new repository.

:man_facepalming: I removed the card and forgot the repo.
Thanks for that last bit. All good now.

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V1.4.0 has been released.
It updates some internal stuff, but also adds tooltips with the radar sites name if you have radar locations enabled. Just hover your mouse over the little icons.


Hi @theRat, this looks something I have been looking for a while.
I am struggling to display this.

I have added the repository and managed to download it using HACS.
The Github Installer instructions advise adding following code in lovelace configuration.

  - url: /local/community/bom-radar-card/bom-radar-card.js
    type: module

Can you please guide me, where should I be adding this code ?
Also, where do I edit the configuration to change location etc ?


If you used HACS you don’t need to manually add resources. HACS does that for you already

Yep as @DavidFW1960 said.
Once you install using HACS you then just create a manual card and paste in the yaml.

Ok I had a tired brain. But got it working now.
This is really a great integration.


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I am not sure why it doesn’t actually show up as ‘Custom: BOM Radar Card’ when you try to add a card. I will look into that.
I also realised I have missed a couple of options in the graphical editor (ie. frame_count and frame_delay). I will add those sometime in the next few days and check that I haven’t missed others. I was blind, those options were already in there.

@DavidFW1960 no rush, but could you possible update the link to the radar card in the readme of the weather card?

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Will do. I have a few minor template changes to make as well.

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V1.4.2 has been released.
This fixes the card not showing up to add as a custom card in lovelace after being installed.

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