Australian BOM Rain Radar Card

Awesome, there are a lot of sensors in this, thanks Tom!!!

You wouldn’t believe it, but I bought a Holman weather station from bunnings 2 yrs ago and I’m yet to mount/set that up haha

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I have just published a pre-release (v2.0.0) of the card that uses an alternative data source (rainviewer). The reasoning for the change is that the data from this site is much more responsive than that from the BoM themselves. It has images at 5 minute intervals and they appear to be available just 1 minute after each 5 minute interval. Note that as it is a global service they don’t provide the BoM colour scheme (they provide 8 options, I have just hardcoded one of them for the demo). Note that because of the interval change from 10 to 5 minutes you will want to double the framecount in your config to get coverage of the same period of time.

If you are interested in helping guide development please try it out and provide feedback. In particular I am interested in the reliability of the data source, so let me know of any problems with missing tiles etc.

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there is a thread on here with templated for estimated illuminance that I find fairly effective for indoor lighting depending on outside conditions. There also a custom component by Phil Bruckner you can use. they both use the current conditions.
What I do is I use the (which isn’t as bad as you might think) and also the BOM one and the automation triggers when both ate at or below a certain estimated illuminance. It works pretty well actually.

not sure I like the colours

Have a look at you can choose other schemes under settings.
Any release that uses this data will allow you to choose any of them. I just hardcoded one for testing. I quite like the darksky theme.
I am thinking that the proper release version will allow you to choose a datasource/colour combination as a single config item (ie. keep the current bom source/scheme even though it is horribly laggy, and add rainveiwer/meteored, rainviewer/darksky etc).

I’m not in love with any of their schemes

The ‘universal blue’ scheme isn’t too bad.

I gave it a try. It does not seem as detailed as the BoM version.

With the BoM version I can see a rain front advancing. With the new one the blobs just seem to move around randomly.

Thanks mate, this is the component you were talking about right? GitHub - pnbruckner/ha-illuminance: Home Assistant Illuminance Sensor

I’d also love to muck around with what you have setup, would you be able to give the details/code, or make a quick thread about the build?

yes that’s the one. you can see my full config on the below github (lovelace yaml as well)
home-assistant/illuminance.yaml at 8f4f94b18db6448a720dd2ddba3cec15faf6d5bd · DavidFW1960/home-assistant · GitHub is the yaml package I made
graph can jump around a bit.

So I want my lights to go on when sun is lower than 25° and after 4PM depending on the state of the 2 illuminance sensors

  - id: '1505977024304'
    alias: Turn Lounge Light On Elevation < 25° & after 4PM
    - platform: state
      from: 'on'
      entity_id: 'binary_sensor.sun_above_25'
      to: 'off'
    - platform: time
      at: '16:00:00'
    - condition: and
      - condition: time
        after: '16:00:00'
      - condition: and
        - condition: or
          - "{{ (states('sensor.illuminance') | float < 7500 ) and (states('sensor.estimated_illuminance') | float < 10000) }}"
          - condition: state
            entity_id: 'binary_sensor.sun_above_25'
            state: 'off'
    - service: script.turn_on
        entity_id: script.loungenormal

So before 25° I want it off unless its very dull outside. This works pretty well and of course you can tweak it. I use Phil’s sun2 for the binary sensor too.

Thanks mate,

Just fiddling with it now, I see you have weather.kariong in your template, how did you set that sensor to where you’re located?

I should just change that to weather.home as I’ve already added pnbruckner’s component as weather.home?

The new BOM integration mimics the one and provides a weather entity for the forecast location.

Sorry mate, which new BOM integration?
I can’t find anything to do with BOM under integrations

It’s a custom component configured in the GUI
It’s in HACS. Docs here GitHub - bremor/bureau_of_meteorology: Custom component for retrieving weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Not sure if that is the case. Earlier here I could clearly see systems moving, now not so much as it just seems to be raining everywhere constantly. It may also have something to do with the colour scheme I chose to hardcode. I may try adding the option to choose the schemes a little later today.

Pre-release v2.0.0b2
I have added the option in the config to select the RainViewer colour scheme.
The BoM option in this pre-release is not functional as I am just aiming to get feedback on possible new features.

Interestingly enough the javascript library that is used by the Bom and hence this plugin (Leaflet js) is also a Ukranian open source project. Those guys are smart!

I’m probably blind but I don’t see it (cache reloaded).

Edit the card and the top option should be data source.