Australian BOM Rain Radar Card

Are you certain you have 2.0.0b2 downloaded?

Yep. Just re-downloaded and tried a private browser window to definitely rule out a sticky cache. No change.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 19-03-18 HACS – Home Assistant

I still think it is a cache thing.

Must be. It’s working in Chrome. Firefox is the problem child.

EDIT: got it. :+1:

Yay. Keen to hear feedback. My intention is to maintain the existing BoM data feed, but have the RainViewer as an alternative. There will probably be pros/cons for choosing either, but I will leave that to the end user to decide. For me, getting rid of the 10-20 minute latency would result it me choosing something from RainViewer.

Honestly, I think I prefer the original BoM render. So it’s great that you are going to continue to support it.

One thing for future updates is that you need to change the palette ribbon at the top of the card depending on the source selected.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 19-53-57 Overview – Home Assistant

Yeah, that one is what I already used in the newish hardcoded version. I just wish the BoM would get with the times and provide more dynamic updates. There radar images being 10-20 minutes in the past is just not acceptable.

please excuse my ignorance, but to test this out, should I uninstall the v1.6 and then manually install the latest from the repo?

HA is running via virtualbox on W10

I have supervisor, SAMBA and terminal access etc


If you are using HACS just enable beta versions in the card download box.


Damn so simple, who’d have thunk it :slight_smile:

Many thanks

OK, so all is working now flawlessly Thank you @tom_l , except if I choose BOM, I see no radar overlay, but I’m presuming that’s not really the issue at hand anyway :slight_smile:

All I can add for now is upvote the ribbon color per choice of color scheme as mentioned above.

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A new beta should be available later today that makes the BoM tiles work again and adds the new colour scales (creating those is a horrible and slow task).


which legends are still to be done, and what size in pixels?

The weather channel scheme

I’ve done 5 of the 8 so far. The next one will be quick and the last 2 look painful.

I have all the hex values for the scales, just lots of copying and pasting etc to do the images.
I just finished the TWC one.

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All the upcoming options…


V2.0.0b3 has been published.
BoM tiles are now back. Most of the intensity bars have been added (still need to do rainbow and darksky)
Tweaked the mouse wheel zoom to be less aggressive to match the behavior of the +/- buttons.
Feedback welcome.

Also at this stage the README has not been updated, but all config can be done in the gui editor.
I would recommend adjusting the framecount and framedelay if moving from the BoM data source due to the more frequent updates. I would suggest doubling the framecount and halving the framedelay. If they aren’t set the deafults are currently 10 frames at 500ms.

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