Australian BOM Rain Radar Card

Everything seems to be in order for me

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Working nicely. :+1:

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v2.0.0b4 has been released, it just adds the last couple of missing colour bars for Rainbow and Dark Sky.


Any thoughts of making this worldwide now that it supports data sources other than BoM?

There are people who could use it,

I just tried and can’t pan the map beyond Australia.

My intent is to add a new global version of the card as there are somethings that won’t work globally. A couple of those are that I will remove the bom data source as an option. I also don’t have global radar locations so that feature needs to go for a global card.

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I am going to add a couple more options to the card today as well.

  1. Add an option to specify the time to display the final image before restarting the animation. Currently it is set as 2 times the normal frame delay as set.
  2. Add an option to adjust the transparency of the radar tiles.

If anyone has anything else they would like to see or that bugs them comment now and if may make it into the final V2.0.0 release, which is coming soon.

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I wonder, what is the practicality of moving the radar frame speed adjustment and end dwell to the card display rather than the card config?

Please don’t hate me :slight_smile:

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No hate, but definitely not easy to do. Also it means overlaying (and obscuring the real data) more controls on the card. How often do you think you would use this? I use the pause and step foreward/backward to look when I need.
Initial thoughts and I will think about it more.

Probably not often to be honest, just an idea if it was an easy addition.

The card finally got added to the HACS default store last night making it even easier to find and install.


v2.0.0b5 has been released.
The major change in this is that the leaflet js library that is used for loading and displaying the maps has just had a major release made (1.8.0). Hoping it doesn’t break anything.


No issues with b5 here.

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2.0.0b5 works as expected for me, no issues to report

Pretty Interested in this , is it possible to pull up the weeks forecasts and pull the expected rain mm from each day ?

I am wanting to automate my growbeds and if rain is expected not to top the beds up with water but wait for the rain

No. This integration displays weather radars. It has no sensors. Use the BoM weather integration for that.

V2.0.0 has been released.

This is a pretty major update, but before I get to the details I want to acknowledge some work that is used in this card from people doing it tough.
The card utilities Leaflet to manage all the display stuff, the lead developer lives in Kyiv. This card would not be possible without his work, so please send him some love. You can find info at

Also with the release I have added the ability to use radar data published by this is also a Ukrainian project.

Highlights of this release:

  • Bump Leaflet to 1.8.0
  • Addition of radar tiles provided by RainViewer
  • Minor bug fixes

As always all configuration is available via the GUI (no need to write yaml).

The RainViewer tiles may not be quite as sharp as the BoM provided tiles, but they are updated every five minutes with much less lag. This simply means you actually see the rain coming rather than only after it has passed. Try them out, see what you think.

Feedback most welcome.


stupid question, but how do we use the other radar tiles??

Top select box option in the UI card config.

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yeah i had to restart to see it, obvious now

a suggestion for a possible alternate config:
-show single image of the latest radar from source
-refresh at set interval (1-5mins)

I assume someone will say this is possible with an picture element card or something but would be nice for alternate options within this card which I love.

Reason: on the dashboard I have a constant flashing radar is distracting, I would like latest image to show on dashboard then click through for the full rotating image set.

thanks love your work on this one!!