Auto start HADashboard V2 beta

Hi there, I installed the appdeamon as described and can call the appdeamon with python 3 -m appdeamon.appdaemon -c ./conf without any problems (other than having to restart the raspberry pi after I stopped the process).

What configuration do I need in order to use systemd auto start? I tried the file that was is in the git repository with no luck.


Fantastic! That did the trick. Thank you!

I am not quite sure what this statement is about:
-p /home/pi/appdaemon_dashboard/appdaemon/
I saved the file without it and it seems to work. Can you elaborate about this, please?

That sets the PID to be a specific file in a specific location. This way, HA Dashboard won’t launch a second instance if one is already started. I used it because I had issues integrating a few components together upon a reboot. You should be fine without it.

Great! Thanks for the explanation.