Auto update

On my system (generic install on raspian) the supervisor is auto updating. Is this normal ? I haven’t found anything about that on the docs.

Yes, Hass.IO is designed to move forward, so it does self update every 8 hours. We want to add this function as optional config for addons too. HomeAssistant will only performe minor update if that is activate in future.

I think there should be an option to opt-out of this auto updating. If someone use a particular add-on or configuration which is not compatible with a new version, there could be some problems. Perhaps also a mean to force downgrade. And the same thing apply to homeassistant.

In short, I am not a fan of unsupervised updates​, but I know I am probably in a minority.

Hass.IO supervisor don’t brake any configuration in release mode but we are on beta and that can brake things but we want hold that very small. Supervisor is only the manager and the user should not aware to hold it up to date, and since we breake nothing. To easy maintain it and give the high security on that we do it autoupdate.

HomeAssistant is after 0.45 (After that release, the UI is inside and not inside homeassistant) you are able to downgrade. But hass updates breake configuration so we can never do that with a autoupdate. You can every time downgrade with a API call as poweruser. For normal user we add a snapshot/backup function to, so you can update and rollback without lost any things.

Add-ons are also designed to move forward, so you can downgrade with API but it use the “new” config. With snapshot/rollback we solve that problem also. For add-ons it will give a feature with a option that can make autoupgrade if the old config is valid with new addon. But that is also futures…

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I noticed restarting Home Assistant from the webpage is actually working now for me.
Good work :slight_smile:

I have seen the auto update of supervisor after the removal of the mnt option. I wanted to change my addon’s config before the upgrade to stay compatible, but it was already done. That say, I understand perfectly the beta state. Perhaps some upgrade with potential problems could be made manual only ?

Is there a way to auto-update home assistant. Not talking about the supervisor but hassio itself?

did you ever find a way to auto update ha?

Nope. Sorry.